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Help!!! PGCE INTERVIEW @ LSBU -25th Jan 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Sara160, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I am very nervous and need some help? what is the written task about and how would you set it out...essay? bullets?

    Presentation hints?

    What educational issues to look up?

    Group discussions? what is it about?

  2. Hi Sara!

    Don't stress out too much! I had my interview in December and while it is quite a stressful day, if you stay calm and just prepare you'll be fine.

    They will send you a booklet outlining the plans for the day and it is literally that. The written task is 40 minutes, you have to write an essay on a set question in relation to two articles they provide you with. You can use bullets if you begin to run out of time, I think.
    You then have a 5 minute presentation. Over-prepare is the key, I think. I only did half of my presentation that I had prepared, but it's better that way because you'll feel more confident. Interact with the other candidates and make it as interactive and creative as possible. Choose a subject you're comfortable with, sounds silly but it's true!
    Have a look on this website and I also looked at the BBC to find out some educational issues. There is no one-to-one so you won't be put on the spot at any point. The group discussions relate to the three questions in the booklet, that's all they'll ask, so just prepare some answers for that. I only loosely prepared and it was fine, just go with the flow of the group and make sure you let others have a go at talking!

    But, mostly, just stay calm. It's scary, but well worth it.

    Good luck!
  3. Hi i've my interview coming up too so thanks for that info. I just have a couple of questions -sorry if they are stupid ones.

  4. Where is your interview? Orbid
  5. Did you have your interview december 2010?

    what was your article about? is it hard?
  6. Hey Sara160 mine is for LSBU also - it's on the 11th so I can let you know what the day is like etc. How is your preparation going? At least you still have a good bit of time before it to get yourself sorted.
  7. Hi Orbid,

    My prep is going well...I started to look at current issues.....and trying to put a presentation together!

    How is your prep? If you need help give me a shout on help with presentation, I work in a school and I can access lesson plans for you to help you.

    What curren issues are you looking at?

    Thankyou for telling me you will let me know how your day goes! I would appreciate that.
    Goodluck and Goodluck you will be fine...x
  8. My prep is going ok but I'm from Ireland and have another interview here this Friday so have a lot going on! I'm looking at equality mainly for the educational issues as apparantly this is a really important topic in LSBU. If you have an email address I might send you a quick mail in relation to the lesson plan if you wouldn't mind even just advising if you think it's ok for the class intended? Absolutely no worries if you've no time. Good luck with your prep!
  9. Hi Sara,
    I have an interview for primary on 25th of Jan also....!
    I'm glad someone else is scared, because i'm petrified! it all sounds so daunting!!
    I've been reading up on educational issues- there's quite alot going on, but lots of it seems to relate more to secondary- with the GCSE reform etc etc. I guess the free school and academies could come up. what do you think?
    Also just wanted to ask someone else- i keep reading and re-reading the stage 2 i/v questions-
    the first one 'describe some aspect of children's learning....' did you read that as literally what have you seen the children learn- e.g literacy, maths or whatever- and then perhaps how the lesson was taught and how you might do it. Or is it deeper than that and asking you to think about different learning styles....the more i read it the more confused i get, i'm sure i'm reading too much into it, but it seems quite vague.
    Anyway, good luck with your prep!! and we'll all be in the same boat on the day [​IMG]
  10. Hi, glad you have an interview too! I am so nervours!!!!! I have been reading bit of everything but not in too much detail as I dont know what will come up...so I am scanning things.

    The questions in stage too is what it exactly say's...just say what you see and not in depth I guess. I am just going to say what I saw and what they were doing.

    I willinbox you so email me if you need anything!



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