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Help! Persuasive Letter Planning

Discussion in 'English' started by soyfurm, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. soyfurm

    soyfurm New commenter

    Dear Teachers,

    My daughter is in the last two weeks of a teacher training placement (KS2, Y3). She is really stressed out as the school has not been very supportive and she really finds it hard to go in each day (saying that its too much and she wants to quit!). She's just days away from completion of the placement but is really worried that she may not meet the conditions to get her QTS.
    The one big hurdle she faces is writing detailed literacy lesson plans (around writing persuasive letters, including a letter to the headteacher) for five lessons next week. She has to submit these by tomorrow (Thu 7/3/19)!
    If anyone can offer help/advice please contact me. Thank you!

  2. soyfurm

    soyfurm New commenter

    I have browsed TES resources but there's just too much stuff to sift through (and I'm a science guy which doesn't help!).
  3. bonxie

    bonxie Lead commenter

  4. soyfurm

    soyfurm New commenter

    Thank you Bonnie. I will keep encouraging her.

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