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Help, Parent has complained to the police

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by sagu, May 11, 2010.

  1. Dear Colleagues
    I have been through a nasty week of unnecessary stress. This is an incident that happened in the playground a boy with behaviour problems from another class badly bumped into one of mine pupils who had just returned from the hospital. I held him by his sleeve to stop him as he was running past. His father who is abusive passed a racist remark about my face and said he would report me. He reported this incident to the police and filed a formal complaint by saying I had grabbed the child's hand and caused the child brusing which is not true. Luckily 3 colleagues witnessed this incident and the headteacher is completely supporting me. The police are investigating into this. What is worrying me is would this stay on my CRB even though I have done nothing wrong. I did not handle this child badly I held him by his sleeve to get his attention to the injured child in my class who he had pushed. the parent has a bad history. I am really concerned about my career ? Anybody been through similar experience. What are my rights? Do teachers not have any rights? please help!!
  2. I have no experience of being reported to the police but can only say that when unfortunate incidents happen because we are only human and usually stressd out of our box, we, as teachers, worry ourselves stupid and then, when the "inquest" is over, we look back and wish that we hadn't worked ourselves into such a state. The fact that there are witnesses, that the parent was racially abusive, and that you are being supported by management makes me think that the outcome will be fine. I have no idea what will happen with your CRB but grabbing a sleeve is hardly abuse! One of my uni lecturers told us tales of having a boy up against the wall by the scruff of the neck with her knee in his groin. I recall personally being pulled out of the chair by the hair by my chemistry teacher. Aaaaagggghhh....the good old days! Joking, but hope it makes you feel a bit better. These days I try not to worry about the outcome of things until they happen or I would go mad, as my school has a serious culture of parental complaining. Good luck.
  3. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Ring your union. That's what you pay them for. I believe it will show up if you are not charged on an enhanced CRB as the police have been involved, but ask your union or ring up CRB.
  4. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    I'm guessing here, but a slightly different perspective from Torey.
    It is unlikely to show up if you are not (a) positively identified by the police (ie date of birth, address), since there will be other sagus out there.
    It is unlikely to show up if you are not interviewed under caution. If the police are making a record about you, your human rights mean that you have the right to make a statement to defend yourself. The only exemption to this would be where an investigation is conducted without your knowledge, in which case the right is deferred until later, but a record may still be made showing that there is an active investigation.
    One potential outcome may be that they may conclude that no crime has been committed before it reaches the two stages above (assuming they haven't already happened).
    If the police do interview you under caution, it comes down to the decision of the chief police officer (or their staff) who will review your case each and every time a CRB request is made. (CRB don't store information, they request it from the police for each CRB check). This means that the wording of the record made by the investigating officer is likely to be highly significant. If he records that the allegation was unfounded, malicious or that no crime was committed, I would guess that it would not be shared with CRB. If he records that it was unproven or that there was insufficient evidence to ascertain what actually happened, it is much more likely to appear.
    The other poster's advice to seek legal and union help are very wise.
  5. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    It depends as any relevant and proportionate information held by the local police forces will show up in the additional information box. This would include any information recorded by the police. If the parent has gone to the police and given your name etc for an assault then they would contact you. If the police don't I'd assume that the parent was lying. Get in touch with the union so they can support you if necessary.

  6. ianj6

    ianj6 New commenter

    It will not show up on a CRB, if you are not charged, ie the police merely investigate, (not sure about if you're charged). I was reported for assault 4 years ago, it was investigated and dropped. I asked my Head at the time the specific question and he said it would not show up and wasn't worth mentioning. I have since changed job twice, haven't put it in and I haven't had a problem so it won't be showing up or someone would have asked.
    I know you are worried but try to remember that the police aren't allowed respond to a complaint by saying "That's a stupid accusation, go away!" It is their duty to investigate, they are no longer even allowed to say they won't go any further with it, it has to go to a charging officer and usually then to CPS(espesially if it involves Teachers and children), and this will take time which will be stressful for you. It is the last 2 sets of people who will drop it. The police officer has to investigate the complaint thoroughly. If the Head was in <u>ANY</u> doubt about your guilt, you'd have your feet up at about 930 this morning watching the child's father on Jeremy Kyle wearing his best shell suit and baseball cap, because the Head would have to of suspended you pending investigation. When you go to interview take a solicitor, be it union or otherwise, if you take your own then if you're interviewed at the station, the police will pay.
    <u>MOST IMPORTANTLY </u>if they say "Look we can sort this out in a couple of minutes, if you take a caution and walk out the door" This will go down as a conviction on your record and will be on your CRB and you will be stuffed. No matter how inviting the door of that interview room looks, or how uncomfortable you feel, don't take the caution if you don't think you've done anything wrong.

    Best of luck
  7. Just wondering, in light of the above, if it is worth reporting to the police this incident of racism. These issues are taken quite seriously by the police, and you have witnesses as well. It might make the parent think about dropping his charge and avoiding the situation going any further and causing you undue stress and worry.
    Just a thought!
  8. Hi - sounds like this will go nowhere. You&acute;ve got witnesses and remember - innocent until proven guilty. I am pretty certain that investigations are not noted on CRB, only convictions. If investigations were noted and viewed seriously, then any student/parent could wreck a teachers career by traipsing off to the police with lies about abuse.
    I work in a state school in Spain, in which it is common practise to grab a child by the sleeve, arm, etc... and a smack on the bum or a quick shake is not unheard of either (gasp!) but we can also hug and have physical contact with the children. I&acute;m talking primary here, not kids of 15 year olds :)
    good luck. The system in the UK is mad.

  9. Dear Colleagues
    Thanks for all the information. I have my interview on Monday. Keep me in your prayers. Will keep you updated of the outcome. Thanks again to all who took time to reply, it has been very helpful. Above all I believe all teachers who help one another on this website are very decidated teachers.
  10. Hurray Colleagues,
    The child was caught up in his own lies. I can't believe it some parents use and abuse the system and try to make a fool of themselves. Thankfully I had great support from my HT. I think there should be a fine for parents who make false allegations against a teacher and try to ruin their career. Peace of mind means a lot to me. thanks again for all ur advice
  11. ianj6

    ianj6 New commenter

    Hi Sagu,
    I can't really say congratulations as it's disgusting that you were ever put in the situation, or even that I'm pleased for you for the same reason. I do however, wish you well and hope you enjoyed the several glasses of wine last night I know it's a big relief. The problem with the fine/punishment is that it might make one child who really is being abused afraid to report it. I really do know how horrible these investigations are, it's happened to me before in my career, and clearly it was thrown out.

    Personnally I'd prefer to be investigated 100 times and be found falsely accused than to have a single child feel unable to report being abused, or feel they have to suffer in silence, which is the problem with the fine system. I do sympathise with your point of view though
    Get back on with your career and never be afraid to make hard decisions for the good and safety of your children.


  12. Thanks Ian[​IMG]
  13. Sorrt to put a spanner in the works but why on earth didnt it show up on yr crb enhanced disclosure? I was flasely accused of asualting a pupil nearly 4 years ago. The police investigated found me completely innocent the CPS didnt bring charges yet the accusation remains firmly on my crb ED. I have written off disputing the evidnece remaining on my record as it has stopped me getting work for nearly 4 years now.
    If the police return saying it will remain on my disclosure then i am taking the issue for a judicial review to the high court as the police on the word of a mother accusing me of asualting her son arrested me cautioned me interviewed me bailed me for 7 months then dropped everything as they knew i was innocent, yet stop me from working by keeping the info on record!!!
    Crazy World!!

  14. wow sounds liek spain has a sensible way of working!!
    Get me out of here UK!! and to Spain!! as accusations are recorded!!!!
  15. baitranger

    baitranger Senior commenter

    May I suggest that you consult a solicitor about whether the man's actions could mean his being charged with perverting the course of justice, and also whether you may have a claim against him for defamation?
  16. ianj6

    ianj6 New commenter

    Hi Andy,
    I can't categorically answer your question. However, I wasn't bailed, I was "invited" in for an interview as it was comon assault I'd been accused of, 3 weeks after the alleged event. (caught some burglars red handed and chased them, they said 3 weeks later I'd worked them over).
    I don't know if there are some things that remain on your record and some that don't. REALLY sorry it didn't work out for you so well.
    Re return charges, up to you sagu, but I got on with my life and learnt a hard lesson, (ie next time <u>if</u> they fall over, they'll do it <u>in</u> the house!")
  17. I have never been able to understand why such things need to appear on a CRB check? Yes, I think it is important that they be kept track of - but this should be done by the police and not your employer. I think that change needs to happen, otherwise many good teachers will be unable to teach.
  18. ianj6

    ianj6 New commenter

    I agree with you to a point, however, wasn't Ian Huntley investigated several times for rape/assault prior to getting the job in Soham? (May be wrong on that)
    We are found "not guilty" never "innocent". but I agree there has to be some sort of change that doesn't disbar someone from their livliehood due to false/ malicious accusations.


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