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Help! OCR Level 3 Unit 20 - Motivating and empowering people

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by rachael.morphew, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have chosen unit 20 as an optional module but have no exemplar to work from. I was wondering if anybody else teaches this unit and could send me an example of a finished strategic plan so I can compare my students work?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks very much.
  2. Hi,
    if memory serves me correctly this is quite a good module and my Yr 13's enjoyed it. You don't really need an exemplar to work to, I think AO1 - AO3 are mostly just theory points any way (although i always make them add examples).
    AO4 - AO5 they need to apply the theory to a business with low motivation, again this is pretty easy. They do need primary research here - mine did an interview with an annonymous member of staff from the business
    I made them look at an example of a business with high staff motivation eg Timpsons and made them compare that with a business with low staff motivation and provide a strategy to help the business improve staff motivation (there's loads of stuff out there about BA). Getting hold of the figures required for AO4 can be quite tricky.
    If your centre has never delivered unit 20 before it is unlikely that the moderator would be in a position to fail any candidates (unless its really wrong!), they will just provide you with some action points for next time - if that makes you feel any better!
  3. Thanks for the reassurance. It is quite daunting to have to deliver a brand new unit as an NQT with no experience of OCR! But the unit is progressing quite nicely now - AO1-3 are drafted and look decent. You are right about the figures for AO4 being tricky to find, but any gaps I think I will fill with industry averages or by making assumptions about competitor data. Saying what data would have been useful will provide a good evaluative point anyway.
  4. I know you said it is not really necessary...but do you have any examples of pupil work for Unit 20? Struhggling with AO4 at the moment and not sure how to get them to lay it out? Thanks
  5. Hi, sorry for late reply - haven't been on TES for a while. I've only got paper copies of unit 2- no electronic versions. Have just tried to log onto OCR website, but it is down, unit 20 AO4 - remind me - what's it about?

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