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HELP! Nursery coverage for irregular sessions...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by djbrowne1976, May 8, 2011.

  1. Our nursery now offers the choice of flexible sessons to parents. Children can now attend in any combination of 5 sessions accross the week. I am still (6 months now) struggling to get my head round how to plan for continuity / coverage in our provision. Some children attend 5 mornings / afternoons, so we try to plan activities that build upon the previous learning / CI observations, however we then have children who are in all day monday, so our provision needs to alter in the afternoon for some of the children in that session, but then they are not in again until Wed, so anything carried out on the Tues gets missed, we have other children who do not attend nursery on a Mon or Tues at all... etc etc etc
    It becomes very tiring when during circle time you say to the children, who can remember what we did yesterday, only to realise that maybe 3 or 4 children were actually there yesterday!
    How does anyone else ensure that these children do not get "missed" or chn attending a whole day do not simply repeat activities from the morning without extending their learning. Any ideas or suggestions greatfully recieved!!!

  2. Our nursery has children who attend either 5 mornings, 5 afternoons, (all day monday and tuesday + wed morning) or (wed afternoon, + all day thurs and fri) - is this the same as you?
    The staff plan for the week so that:
    This helps to ensures that children all receive the same things, without repeating too much (for carpet sessions / adult-led sessions/activities anyway). Its not perfect, but it seems the easiest way for us at the moment.
    Hope this helps!
  3. My nursery class is fully flexible. Parents can choose any 5 sessions and have managed to choose loads of different combinations. I plan focus activities on a daily basis so some are the same for several days or get repeated later in the week depending on how things are. We use a LOT of lists to check to see which children have been involved (although we don't force children to take part - the lists are just for us to keep track of what we are offering to which children). Group times have worked out well too. I plan 5 different group times each week. At morning group time there are two groups and three in the afternoon (while an extra nursery nurse is in to cover lunch breaks). The children are mapped out across these and all get the 5 different group times. It was hugely complicated to sort out at the start of the year but it has worked out well. However I am pretty sure I will have to re-jig it for next year's intake!

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