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Help - NQT from Y1 moving to Y4 next year. What to expect?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by coolteacher98, May 31, 2017.

  1. coolteacher98

    coolteacher98 New commenter

    I have almost completed my first year teaching in Y1 - I enjoyed it but I'm looking for a new challenge in LK2 (and I have a very bad back!)

    What should I expect in Y4? I've started looking at the curriculum which is obviously very different; especially as I have a 3 yr degree in Early Years/ KS1.

    Does anyone have any brilliant websites to support them with planning and delivering lessons or any websites to support the knowledge/ content of the Y4 curriculum?

    Any support would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
  2. Lizrose35

    Lizrose35 New commenter

    From my own experience, Year 4 is a great year group. The children are really independent and the curriculum is interesting but not too challenging for revising subject knowledge! I would recommend investing in a ****** subscription (platinum if you can afford it!) plenty of resources on there to use and to give you ideas. I Try to adopt good early years practice in year 4 if SLT will support you - follow the children's interests, continue with outdoor learning, use practical resources etc. Good luck!!
  3. Lizrose35

    Lizrose35 New commenter

    The ****** refers to a sparkly named company, in case you hadn't guessed!!!
  4. eleanorms

    eleanorms Occasional commenter

    Over my long long years of teaching I reckon about two thirds of colleagues would say 4. Is their favourite year. Old enough to follow instructions, young enough still to think you're great just for turning up to teach them every day. The starry sky website is good, but never ever fit your teaching around its resources, they must match the skills you need to teach. It's easy to get a bit sloppy with this, although as a key stage 1 teacher you must be full of practical ideas.The good things about the new curriculum is that you can really go in depth with the topics. The school must already have medium term plans already in place, just make sure you're fully aware of the writing and gps expectations. Have fun!

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