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Help :( not enjoying it any more

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by K8Jonesy, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Have you spoken to anyone else on your course about this? Do you have support at home? I think if its go to the point where you're not eating you should really talk to someone about it who can make a difference. I'm training to be a teacher too, and sometimes i find it really really tough, and without my husband i would have been a nervous wreck by now. Find someone to talk to, and have the weekend off (if you can! at least some of it anyway), spend some time doing something you enjoy and this may help your stress levels. And eat something!
  2. Well...my mum came downstairs to find me crying so she rung my uni tutor and spoke to him about it and explained how upset and down i was. She also rung my class teacher to explain why i would be late in and that i was really upset. my teacher was alot more supportive today wonder how long it will last. its jsut difficult when my last placements were so amazing and i got so much support and this teacher cant even be bothered to do any rolos for me
  3. it's really hard for me as well, also because I am a qialified teacher, but I was trained overseas and have been working for many years using a completely different style and approach. I have to say I am shocked by the way they teach here, and followong those rules is a huge pain for me, as I am not used to them and also don't agree with them. In my home coutry people wouldn't be allowed to teach for exemple languages without a degree in FL, and in my uni group I think I am the only one who has a degree in my subject.
  4. well it makes me feel bettweknowing i am not alone. ive started taing bach rescue remedy to calm me down because im not sleeping and have a constant headache. i really want to finish this placement and show the teacher that i can be a good teacher but i do really need the support aswell. im definatley going to complain


    thank you


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