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HELP! Nightmare P2 class!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KC30, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Teachers

    This year I am doing McCrone cover is a school in a not so great area. I am teaching classes from P1 to P7 and am getting on great with every class except for this P2 class.

    There are a number of children in this class who are extremely disruptive and cheeky (4 of the class go to nuture) and these children tend to set others off. I am really struggling to control the class behaviour and complete a lesson with them.

    I have tried a few positive tactics, stickers, prizes, praise and then a few more negative ones like being kept in at playtime, being sent to HT office or being sent to the P1 class and the problem is that the more difficult students don't seem to respond to ANYTHING! It is quite scary to see a P2 pupil not care about consequences at all. The class teacher is also having difficulty with them and has introduced group and individual rewards along with a rocket system but they don't seem to have much impact.

    They do behave a bit better for her as they see her as a teacher but not me, they feel it's time to play up when I arrive. I take other difficult classes in the school and am able to manage them effectively so I don't feel it's that I don't have the ability to do so, I just can't seem to find a strategy that works.

    Can anyone suggest strategies that I could use myself when I am in the class twice a week? I really want to overcome this but need a few ideas!


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