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Help! New to Yr 1!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by just_keep_swimming, May 29, 2011.

  1. Lots of child-initiated learning and continuous provision in Reception. CP continues in Yr 1 with more at the beginning of the year to aid with transition from Reception and less CP towards end to aid transition to Yr 2. Set-up seems quite good to be honest - it's more my own individual CPD I'm worried about at this point! Lots to read up on and familiarise myself with! I know its going to be a huge culture shock and massive learning curve!
  2. Freeze!

    Freeze! New commenter

    Aw you will love it I'm sure! I've taught Y1 up to Y4 so I've done a big-ish leap. The main difference workload wise is less marking more prep so what you gain in one hand is taken away with the other!!! I've written a pretty in depth description of our school day on a thread about transition from R to Y1 (think it was entitled argh I'm so mad/angry!!! I've mainly taught in Y1 and 2 so if you want any advice my email is LazLLM@hotmail.com - feel free to mail for ideas or just to bounce ideas off!!!

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