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Help, new reception class planning panic attack!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Rousset, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. When I taugt reception I used to do a 'loose' topic of holidays in the last term. The summer holidays are approaching by then (yipee!!) Know with EYFS, it has to be the children's interest, so what you do will depend on what your children are interested in, but, as a guide, this is what i did...
    Start off with a fictional postcard (you will need to make) sent to the children from two characters, say Postman Pat and Barbie (or who ever the children are 'into' at moment). Choose a place that is very different to the location of the school...say a typical beech scene. Start of with open ended questions exploring where they may be, how they might have got there etc. The children then make and 'send' postcards to each other.
    If you can, visit a local travel agent and ask them how to book a holiday, what they do etc.
    Turn role play area into a travel agents.
    Make travel 'brochures'
    Look at the different modes of transport (how they can get to different places).
    Go on a mini journey to a place on a 'train' 'plane' 'bus' 'boat'etc using chairs. Where will they go? what will they need? Make a passport for a plane journey (draw picture of themselves or take a digital one, and the children need to mark make to write their name, address, description etc.)
    Ending on focusing on boats and ships would then lead nicely onto pirates (a favourite with the boys especially!)
    Turn role play area into the seaside (or make an additional area if you hane the space) Seaside role play-what do we need to protect us from the sun? What type of clothes would we wear? Being careful in the water...etc
    On the pirate theme...go digging for treasure, make treasure trails, maps, pirate ship etc. Have a pirate party-make pirate hats, food etc.
    As I said where you 'go' with this will depend on the children, but I hope some of it helps. Good luck!
    Rousset. xx
  2. Thank you Rousset, that realy does help! What would you suggest for my first week in though? Do have a few tasks set up around the class and the children are called to them idividually, or do you have one group on task and the rest on free play? What can i do to gage their ability? where should they be at the beginning of the summer term? sorry, ive just got so many questions bouncing around today!

  3. Its so difficult to say, as each setting and cohort is different. But I would say that the majority of the children should be able to write cvc words, phonetically at least, and most should know the single letter sounds at least. Also write their own name and count to 20, recognising and writing numbers to 10. As a guide!
    As you dont know the children I would plan lots of opportunities for play based activities and exploration, both indoor and out. Things such as a box containing a few 'interesting items' Who could the box belong to...? Use talcum powder to make 'foot prints (animal or human) who could they belong to?! Who has been in our class? Where did they come from? Are they any clues inside/outside....? Set up small world play, such as dinosaurs and bones in tray of sand...
    Play with the children and get to know them-their use of language, understanding etc. Encourage them to mark make so that you can see what hand they prefer to use, what grip they are using, if they are applying phonetic knowledge-what level is this phonetic knowledge? Ditto with numbers and number language/use.
    It is very difficult when you start mid year and DONT expect to be able to work miracles! All you can do is to get to know the children as well as you can as quickly as you can, and then work out where to take them next.
    I dont mind talking to you about it if that would help. email me if you would like to do that. 2nsvr@tiscali.co.uk
    Try not to stress yourself out! Good luck!

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