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Help needed - working abroad!

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by elaine_82, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. I know there are already lots of posts about teaching abroad however I would really appreciate it if I could get some advice and some of the posts are really old. This is my 4th year of teaching and although I love the children I teach (despite huge behaviour challenges) and the majority of the staff I work with, on the whole, I am not very happy with the way things in my school are going. There is a lot of what I suppose would be classed as bullying from management and demands are getting more and more ridiculous. In order to meet these demands I am finding myself working longer and longer hours. I am often in school from 8am til 8pm and then I do more work when I get home. Thank god I don't have any children to look after! Each year there seems to be one person that the managment staff pick on and each year for the past 3 years there has been someone off with stress. We have only been back for 5 days but this year we are due for an HMI inspection and unrealistic demands have strated already. Ther atmosphere in the school is unbearable. On Thursday one of the girls who used to work in the school came in to visit. She is currently working in Oman and when she started telling me about what it was like working there it just made me wonder about teaching abroad. I realise people have both positive and negative experiences abroad and my friend has been lucky with her school but I was wondering if anyone who has taught abroad could recommend any schools to take a look at. There's nowhere in particular I am desperate to go and I am open to any suggestions. So if you have a minute to spare, please post a note even if it's just to recommend a school or tell me one to avoid! All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    P.S. I realise now that any references to specific schools may be deleted but please feel free to private message me. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks very much for your reply. I was wondering if you would mind private messaging me the names of any schools where you have really enjoyed teaching and had a very positive experience and any that you have really not enjoyed. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Elaine,
  4. miketribe

    miketribe Occasional commenter

    The warnings are all true, but, in my experience, there is rather less stress involved abroad in terms of the job than there is in the UK:
    <ol>[*]There's a lot less of the sort of accountability paperwork than there is in England.[*]There are generally far fewer discipline problems then there are in England. The schools overseas are, in general, private, fee-paying schools and, in a well-run school, the management will exclude nuisance students fairly rapidly.[*]There is generally more support for teachers from parents than I understand is currently common in England.</ol>There are obviously exceptions to all this and you could run into a really crappy school which doesn't support teachers against obsteperous students or parents, but, in general, I haven't found this to be the case.
    On the negative side, you obviously have to cope with other potentially stressful elements:
    <ol>[*]You're living a long way from the support of friends and family.[*]You may have to cope with lots of government red-tape about visas and so on.[*]Some heads/owners of private schools sometimes fall victim to the Napoleon complex and this can lead to uncomfortable situations... </ol>

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