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Help needed with Topic: Why do organisations have to respond to changes in the business environment?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by mrrpquinn, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Topic: Why do organisations have to respond to changes in the business environment?
    I have a lot of experience in teaching and studying Business Studies. However, I have been called for interview and given this as a topic to teach. The lesson will be 30 minutes in length and is to be pitched at an all ability Year 10 class. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in terms of:
    - Where I may find this on specifications? (Think they teach BTEC First)
    - How you would deliver this topic?
    - Any possible resources you may have which would assist me?
    I know this is a bit cheeky but I really am unsure of what exactly they are looking for in this topic title. Any possible replies in the next day or two will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Broadly links with AQA A2 syllabus - unit 4. This covers assessing changes in the business environment (PESTLE). (Not familiar with BTEC)

    I would take the tack that businesses don't operate in a vacuum, the brainstorm for what influences them - some clues if necessary. Expand on each and create a diagram with PESTLE factors on it,

    Or take one aspect - eg economic change (recession - see Tutor2u for resources) and assess the impact of that. What would have happened if firms did nothing?, what did different firms do during the recession.

    Best of luck!
  3. This is D1 for Unit 1 BTEC Level 2. I have an assignment sheet you can have if it helps you? Just give me your email address and I'll email it across.
  4. Hi Thank you both very much...email is rp.quinn@live.co.uk.
  5. Sorry, just checked through my previous BTEC documentation and D1 from BTEC First is
    evaluate how the functional areas contribute to the aims and objectives of the
    two selected businesses

    I've looked through entire specification and can find nothing to do with external factors or even Pest analysis. This is the route I was going down but very confused as to where it comes into the spec. Any further help in next hour or so could be crucial.
    Thanks again

  6. i wouldn't worry about how it fits in with their syllabus & would do a lesson based around external factors. with btec teaching, you quite often need to do a 'theory' lesson or two before they do the assignment so just treat it as one of those.
    quick starter - e.g. choose a business (say Apple) & have some 'events' happening externally e.g. nokia brings out it's own mp3 player, the government brings in new laws regarding the volume of earphones etc... & ask students how it would affect the business - good, bad or no effect.
    You could also use something like this from tutor2u http://tutor2u.net/blog/index.php/business-studies/comments/world-cup-2010-business-winners-and-losers/
    or perhaps ask them to come up with ideas for how london hosting the olympic games in 2012 will affect different businesses - hotels, transport firms, sportswear retailers etc.
    good luck with your interview
  7. Hi again
    Hope you managed to get something sorted - the new BTEC First Spec Unit 1 D1 says this - "evaluate how a businessorganisation has respondedto changes in the business environment". I think maybe you were looking at the old spec. Good luck [​IMG]
  8. D1. Evaluate how a business organisation has responded to changes in the business environment.
    This is a Criteria in the new 2010 Btec Unit 1 Business Studies. Im just looking for ideas myself regarding this question for a lesson with my Btec Extended Certificate in Business Year 10 Group.

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