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Help needed with teaching philosophy essay

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by musikteech, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    I have a Skype interview this evening for a job in Riyadh, KSU. I have to write 500 words before the interview based on the following:

    The task involves writing 500 words outlining some of the general principles that lie behind your teaching (e.g. ‘language learning should be enjoyable’) and examples of how you apply them in the classroom

    Has anyone got any thoughts what I could say? It's for a TEFL job one example I can think of is communicative activities to improve fluency. That's all I can think of at present. Any help will be gratefully taken.
  2. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    Don't forget to deal with the obvious issues such as the centrality of ALL kinds of oral activities. Manuel was poor at Eenglish because he lerrned it from ay boook. Many Brits are dire at languages for the same reason. Though not perfect, my Spanish is a lot better than my French because I learned it in the staffroom, in the bar, in the street.

    Do you have a relevant qualification, e.g. TESOL, TEFL, etc? The detail in my son's CELTA course made my head ring. He is a fluent Spanish speaker but Mrs M, who isn't, has taken our friends' children from zero to fluency with minimal use of their mother tongue.

    Where do you start to emphasise grammar? Something I remember from watching good language teachers work is the remorseless importance of drill, drill, drill (but you CAN make it fun. How?). There must be stacks of stuff online.
  3. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    Thanks for that. When I as in the UAE, the civil servants I taught spoke quite well but had problems in writing. Arabic speakers have a problem writing English so I'd better incorporate writing activities in this essay.
  4. musikteech

    musikteech Occasional commenter

    I've done it now. More than 500 words to be exact. It wasn't as difficult as I thought once I got going. I even did an example of a word square for vocabulary building. Now for the interview tomorrow. I think the salary is about £2400 a month tax free so I'm hoping to clinch it.

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