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Help needed with new A-Level 3D Art course!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by ArtAndPhotography, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. ArtAndPhotography

    ArtAndPhotography New commenter

    Hello! I'm about to change our product design course to the AQA 3D art course at A-level due to staffing changes and specialisms, and I am looking to make links with someone that might be able to help me a little!

    We have taught the AQA Fine Art and Photography courses, so familiar with the structure, just struggling to find any visual examples of projects. Specifically, I'm looking for coursework/exam examples, maybe an A,B,C grade... so if anyone is able and willing to send me some photographs of a few students work, I'd really appreciate it. Also if possible to send some SOW, that would be handy too.

    More than happy to exchange resources to return the favour :)

  2. thehesk

    thehesk New commenter

    Sorry I doAnt have anything on 3D art but I was wondering if you could help me with the photography? I will be teaching A-Level Photography for or the first time - any ideas for projects and course structure would be much appreciated! Many thanks
  3. ArtAndPhotography

    ArtAndPhotography New commenter

    Hi yes no problem! I only offer the 2 year A-level course - this is my structure:
    • start of year 12 - 6 week skills development through mini tasks
    • a practice project up until the end of January to go through the full process of a project and meet all AOs - I give them the title 'Journeys' and structure it fairly tightly for them with mini tasks within it eg. being followed, movement, pathways, time and change.
    • students then write an accompanying essay 1000-3000 words to practice for the first component of the A2 course.
    • February-January - personal investigation. students choose their starting point from a previous exam paper. I give them a deadline of the summer holidays for a half way outcome at the end of year 12, then students go back to build on the project for the next term.
    • January in year 13 - students finish their project and write their accompanying essay.
    • February in year 13 - students receive their exam paper for component 2, and do their exam in the first week of May.
    Hope this helps!
  4. StartEducation

    StartEducation New commenter

    Hi. I am a senior examiner with one of the major exam boards. If you want any support or advice please just let me know. Feel free to contact me through this forum or directly by going to my profile.

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