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help needed with BTEC proceedures

Discussion in 'Music' started by anon3279, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Probably not. The old NSS (National Standards Sampling) system is, effectively over and done with now that we've had to go through the OSCA2 Lead Internal Verifier process. There will still be an annual quality visit by Edexcel but it's mainly about processes - e.g. how you set assignments, feedback to students, give opportunities to have another go at criteria, etc. Your exams officer will also need to be in on that visit as they'll be questioned about their processes/involvement.
    This is done in one of two ways. You should get the Student Reporting Forms (SRF) to fill in, your exams department should already have these. The grades are filled in there. The other option is via Edexcel Online and your exams officer should know how to do this.
    This is probably the quality visit I mentioned earlier. We had to present all course files,assessment plans for the year, examples of assignment briefs/feedback sheets/recording documents etc. They were gone through quite rigorously.

    BTEC is mightily confusing when it's a new system but it does get more logical as the years go by!

    Hope that's helped.

  2. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    But I wonder what future it has, now that Mr Gove has sharpened his teeth?
  3. I teach in FE at a vocational college i.e pretty much solely BTEC. My understanding of the new system is that they want to pass the EV job back to the centres but in order for that to happen you need to have an assigned Lead IV that has to have passed their online exam in the subject area. If no one has then you should have an NSS visit as with the old system. I have no lead IV for my 2 departments as the only person that could do it as me, which would make no sense as I'm the head of department so do the internal IV. I've just sent off and had cleared my sample for one and am expecting an email from the second EV any day. If I were you I would check asap, if this is the case and putting the sample together is coming onto your 'to do' list it can be tricky if you haven't had any guidance. The sample should be IV'd within your centre and evidence provided of this. This includes IVing of assignment briefs and learner feedback. f your visitor is NSS then they can ask for samples of any year/unit of the programme (so may want to see yr 11 work). However your EV should tell you what they want to see and the quantity is based on how many students you have. Please feel free to ask about any more detail or I can email over documentation of IVing etc. I don't think the rules would be any different from secondary to FE as it's the same qual but I'd defo seek some advice, especially if they're coming next week.

    Good luck!
  4. An interesting question, Florian. I really do think there's a difference in quality/content between BTEC vocational courses in different subjects. I've taught the BTEC level 2 and 3 in both Sixth Form College and FE College settings for nearly (gulp) 10 years and have seen a huge improvement to the Music BTEC courses. I also teach A level music so can guage the parity between the two. I really do hold by the fact that if a BTEC course is taught well, i.e. measureably at level 3, then it is a perfectly valid route to HE. I would willingly put my BTEC level 3 students up against any A level students in a test case for theory & harmony, analysis etc. In fact, my BTEC students actually student a lot of the set works etc for the A level course as part of their BTEC quals but in a vocationally appropriate way, i.e commissions etc.
    Do you think that ALL vocational quals will be viewed in the same way?
  5. Thank you.
    Our exams officer contacted edexcel. Our yr11 are on the old system. We have been told that there is only 1 visit in total for a level 2 course and we were visited last year so will not have visit for yr11. We do have a visit coming up for the new course with the current year 10s. I passed the OSCA but as the only music teacher I have to get things IVd by staff from Science, PE, Drama or Media.

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