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Help Needed: Want to improve my rusty Spanish

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by rosa11, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. rosa11

    rosa11 New commenter

    Hello! I'm going to teach GCSE Spanish in September and want to book a week in Spain on my own to emmerse myself.
    -Want to stay with a family
    -Want a couple of hours doing some intensive conversation practice in the morning
    -Want the afternoon to experience cultural activities
    Which city? Anyone had a positive experience doing home stays? Can anyone recommmend a good language school?
    I'll be paying for most of this myself so value for money is important to me!
  2. Linguo24

    Linguo24 New commenter

    There are any number of universities and 'academias' offering Spanish for foreigners every summer but my favourite place to study when I started way back in 1988 was Salamanca (very inland town but steeped in Spanish culture and with no shortage of wonderful 'tapas bars' among many other kinds of bars!). I first studied at the Cursos Internacionales of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca but the Universidad de Salamanca also offers similar courses. I have also done 'cursillos de español' in a little 'academia' called Colegio de España which has a school in Salamanca and one in Alicante.
  3. Hello from Almeria,
    I feel a week would be a short time, not enough for any immersion.
    I recommend to you any medium city with own university, not Madrid nor Barcelona. Do not choose any area with a second regional language, like Valencia, Cataluña or Galicia, as lately it is the trend not to speak Spanish there, it is a sign of modernity.
    If you wish to practice your Spanish meanwhile, I would kindly hold a conversation through skype, we could exchange Spanish and English any time.
    Saludos y suerte!
  4. You could try lenguajero.com - there are people there looking to swap English for Spanish conversation online at various levels of competency...
  5. Hello rosa,
    We run courses in France and Spain for teachers under the Comenius programme. The Comenius grant covers all expenses for participants,
    including travel, subsistence and course fee.

    For the first time we're also running this year a 1 week shadow
    course for Scottish teachers in Spain and France -we're off to Paris in June! This
    opportunity is also available to teachers in England. Primary and/or secondary teachers get a chance to refresh their linguistic
    skills, find out more about the education system, spend some time with a French/Spanish colleague and
    create long-lasting links between their school and their colleague's school.
    We're looking for teachers who might want to take part
    in this project in February 2013 in Málaga. Please contact me if you're interested (www.lfee.net) Un saludo cordial. Sophie.
  6. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    I went to the Malaga Plus school in Malaga, it was quite cheap and Malaga is a fabulous city - for all its the Costa del Sol, most Brits don't go into Malaga other than the airport. And flights cheap to there too!

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