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help needed to find a copy of Christopher Bruce's Ghost Dance

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Maitch, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. we found ours on Amazon - haven't got the details as they're in school
  2. I have a very old copy of this...copied off the TV! Just watched the first half to check it and its fine but a bit grainy. I want to get it put on DVD- along with lots of home movies but haven't got around to it yet. Happy to lend it to you if you don't find a better option. let me know.
  3. thank you I will keep that in mind. so far no luck just keeping my fingers crossed :)
  4. hi consonant,

    is there any chance of arranging to get hold of your copy?? It would be really great if I could. Sorry its been a while as been trying to get it from alllllll over.

    Please let me know if this is possible - email me on Prawnie_2000@yahoo.co.uk

  5. you have mail!
  6. Hiya,

    Would it be okay, if i had a copy aswell please?

    I have been looking for it aswell.

    Thank you!!

  7. sorry, dancewoopwoop- I'm not technical and don't understand! I have a video which I am happy to lend but I don't know how to copy it! I've told Prawnie I'll send it to her on the post...if she can copy it, perhaps she'll pass it on. If you know how to copy a video, let me know! I expect you need special leads/machines etc, don't you?
  8. Hi,

    Okay thats awesome.

    If it could be sent on to me then I will see what I can do ;-)

    Thanks very much for your time.

    Should I email Prawnie if that okay?!

  9. Yes, that's cool. I'll stick my address on it so you can send it back to me. If you are able to get it onto DVD/CD, could you do me a copy too?
  10. Yes of course not a problem.

    Thanks very very much.
  11. Prawnie did you get my email?
  12. sorry for the late reply - I will email back asap - no internet at home this week and the school blocks my other one :-( - will get it sorted - will email back tonight and will try and seek out someone who may be able to copy it
  13. hi Consosant,

    I have recieved two emails from others but not one from you :-( if you re try again I will send you my school details to get it too me. Also I have found a potential person to get it onto dvd so fingers crossed - I will check emails again tomorrow for your email sorry it is a pain not to be able to get on at school to my emails seeing that I am trying to sort it for the school :-(

  14. Dancewoopwoop- I am sending the video in the post Tuesday to Prawnie. If you email her with your address, she'll post it on to you and my address will be included so you can post it back to me. Sorry it's been so long- I missed Prawnie's last post!
  15. Hi,
    I know this post is over 2 years old but I to am desperately looking for a copy of Christopher Bruce's Ghost Dances and have just found out that it is not being produced on DVD/VHS anymore due to licence issues.
    Is there any chance that you still have your copy of it at all? I would really appreciate it if I could too be really cheeky and ask for a copy?
    Thank You,

  16. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Pricey but available in an anthology
  17. Sorry Alex,
    My copy was sent to Prawnie but never made it back to me....was stolen, I think the story was....if you find a copy and can make me one.....!
  18. I have located the DVD I recorded Ghost Dances onto (along with Little Red Rooster and Moonshine). Picture quality is fairly grainy as the VHS tape had been knocking around for years and the player I used to record it wasn't brilliant. I'll find the tape and check it on a better machine before just copying this one. I'll update later.
  19. Hi! I've been keeping a close eye on this thread as I will be starting a post compulsory pgce in dance come september so would really appreciate a copy of Ghost Dances too as have found it near impossible to track down, sadly :( do you think this could be an option for me too?

    thanks :)
  20. Hi there,

    I am also desperately trying to find a copy of Ghost Dances! Does anyone have it at all?

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