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Help needed to create a reading/relaxing corner

Discussion in 'Primary' started by daisydimple, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. I would dearly love to create a reading corner in my classroom but not sure whether I have enough room. Can you please give me your ideas/things you put in your reading/corner so that I can see if it is feasible? Many thanks

  2. I would dearly love to create a reading corner in my classroom but not sure whether I have enough room. Can you please give me your ideas/things you put in your reading/corner so that I can see if it is feasible? Many thanks

  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I am always dubious about the effectiveness of reading corners. Yes in theory i think it's a lovely idea for kids to have somewhere nice and cosy to read, but in practice, i've found that kids use sitting in the reading corner as an excuse to be silly, roll about, plait eachothers hair, and the most annoying- pull all the books off the bookshelf and then pretend they have to tidy them up because it was in such a state, which it usually wasn't in the first place!!!!! My new class were a nightmare for disappearing into the corner when i supply taught them because it literally is round a corner and you'd be teaching a lesson and would notice 3 kids had vanished, and you'd find them in the reading corner hitting eachother on the head with books! nice.
    I'm having my books in the corner still, but will use the corner itself as a themed role play corner, for example our first theme is super heroes so will have super hero masks and posters and things in the corner, gonna see if i can find some books to put in there too.
    I guess it's not so bad if you can educate the children that it is actually for reading, but considering my class will only read individually during guided reading time, there doesn't seem to be much point!
  4. That all depends on the expectations and boundaries you set.
    I have always had a large and well used/loved reading area. Lots of floor cushions, blankets, teddies and a canopy. In the summer at times we have extended it to outside with tents.
  5. I agree, reading corners are fab as long as the expectations are there. I had a reading garden with cartoon bugs and flowers a few years ago, then a jungle themed corner. This year with year 5 we are creating a reading space station with some black material, planets, stars etc which we will make on the first day back. Another teacher at school is doing an under the sea theme which is pretty cool too! :eek:)
  6. How much room would I need? Anybody know of any pictures I can have a look at to get a general idea?
  7. I was so sure I'd have a book corner/reading area but my first teaching post is in a yr6 class..the room is square yet there isn't an appropriate free corner... but I really wanted an area.

    Any alternative ideas?
  8. I use a mosquito net which the children really love as it feels like a reading castle. They used it brilliantly last year. Then loads of cushions help make it super cosy, even my reluctant readers started to share books in there, even if it was just looking at the pictures.
  9. I would go for a reading area, I have always had one and the children were made aware of expectations. I have had a reading corner/area in year 1 every year and the ch loved it!! Im moving into year 4 this sept and i have already put one up!! lol I got a over the bunk bed cover thing from ikea and it tie it to table legs and a chair and then u have a covered / smallish reading area!

    thats not the same one but similiar mine was light blue and my friend in london had a rainbow one
    Im going to get ch to put up fav books and reasons why and ive got cushions and soft things kids love it.
    hope that helps
  10. Thank you. I have never had a reading corner but each year think that the kids would really benefit. The problem I have is an old lino floor in one of the corner of the classroom. What basic resources should I buy and how should I set it up?
  11. I teach Y6 and we too have a reading corner. If the flooring is causing problems why not put down a large(ish) coulourful rug to cover the lino?
    In my corner i have:
    2 book stores, with topic related books and author of the books displayed on the top
    a mini armchair, a few beanbags and some cushions
    book posters - i tend to pick these up from book shops (if you ask they usually have lots spare and are always very happy to let me have some)
    a CD player and 6 sets of earphones with a selection of audio books (we use these in guided reading sessions)
    a box with mini whiteboards and pens in for chn to jot down WOW words and magpie ideas to record in reading/writing journals later

    My only major advice is have the reading area where you can clearly see it - mine is in the front corner of the room so the chn are always in my eyeline. Tends to discourage silliness etc.
  12. ** author of the month that should say

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