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Help needed TA Interview

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by kellyandcameron1985, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Good evening all

    So glad I have come across this site and forum.

    I have got a job interview coming up in which I have to plan and deliver a 20 minute session to 6 reception/year 1 children with the focus to be on writing. My brain has mentally shut down and I cannot think what to do.

    I've have been doing this almost 3 years now haha, 2 as a volunteer and this last year full time in a year 1 class. Nerves have just taken over as I really would like to get a job closer to home now and I feel the pressure is on

    Thank you in advance x
  2. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Take a covered box, build up by "I wonder what could be inside." Inside about 3-4 objects linking and get them to write a story. Do some verbal work first describing but watch the time.

    Otherwise you work in Yr1 ask the teacher to help you. Unless you are trying to keep it quiet. Good luck:)

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