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Help needed please...

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by RailroadGin, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Let them 'peer teach'. Split the class into small groups - name each group after a punctuation mark - full stops, commas, question marks etc, making sure that your higher ability children are the exclamation marks. Have each group create large hats representing their particular group name along with an explanation of what their particular piece of punctuation does, using drama where possible, then present to the rest of the class. You can either instruct the higher ability group or allow them to research for themselves.
    Then you bring out the worksheets...........
  2. You could use RailroadGin's idea but in a co-operative learning way. Home teams (of 4) where each go find out about a different punctuation mark - become experts in that punctuation mark. Then return to home teams to inform others and the home team decide how to present to the class about the 4 different puctuation marks. Some may use drama, others posters, others poems ......

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