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Help Needed--- New Art Co-ord, Planning Art week

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hutch84, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. hutch84

    hutch84 New commenter

    Hi Everyone,

    I am hoping to receive some wonderful tips on how to plan a whole school Art week. (Primary School)

    I am new to coordinating Art, and have been asked to plan Art Week in the summer term.

    Normal timetables are suspended and all children are invited to take part. I work in a large two form entry school, with a large nursery attached. I am therefore looking for ideas that will be cost effective (limited budget) and that will involve all children. (Nursery to Year 6).

    I have got as far as thinking about themes- and perhaps looking at Art from around the world-Giving each class a different destination. However I am not sure how this will fill a whole week!

    Any ideas welcome,

    Many Thanks,

  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Ask other staff what they did last year?
    Find who might have some contacts you can exploit?

    Ask your head for some staff meeting time (10-15 mins) to ask staff what they might like to do.
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  3. annie apple

    annie apple New commenter

    For some of the time it might be nice to work on a collaborative piece that everyone can get involved in and could be displayed outside/ in the entrance hall etc.
    Mix up your classes so older children work alongside younger ones. We do this a lot at my school and gives opportunities for the older children to support and help others.
    Maybe run a reading cafe style event where you invite parents in, read a story and then children make a related craft activity with their parents.
    Send out a letter to parents to see if anyone has skills they might like to come in and share.
    Ask a local artist/sculptor in to work with the children.
    Get ideas from other staff. You might be responsible for organising the week but utilise all the help you can get.
    Finish with a celebration assembly inviting parents showcasing the week's activities. Not very specific - sorry but might give you a few ideas.
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  4. K_Bey94

    K_Bey94 New commenter

    Nice idea I've taken part in before - get the children to make big flags from various countries. It'd link in well with the olympics in the summer too!

    Basically each member of staff (including TAs) were given about 6/7 children from across the year groups (so Years 1-6) and we all met in the afternoon to make flags with our groups around the school. We could use any materials/media we wanted to.
    It was a really nice afternoon working with different children than usual, and then we had an assembly ot show off our flags and announce a winner! :)
  5. kelly140481

    kelly140481 New commenter

    I did this last year for my school, with a similar theme. We did art around the world, and I gave each year group a selection of different destinations and ideas to kick start them. We stayed on timetable during the mornings for maths/literacy, but afternoons all week were dedicated to art - however we made maths and literacy links to art by looking at tessellations, shape, nets etc. and writing poetry inspired by artworks.

    For the afternoons, the rule was each class had to produce a flat piece and a 3d piece - it was up to the classes to decide what they wanted to do, although I organised a bank of ideas for each year group to help. In my year 6 class we looked at Central America and produced sugar skull drawings - this took 2 afternoons as we collaged some aspects. We then created individual totem poles for the rest of the week and collaborated to create one gigantic totem pole to be displayed outside the room. It was a lot of fun!

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