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help needed - job change?

Discussion in 'Independent' started by rosiesmumof4, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. I teach in an outstanding comp, have not been teaching for very many years, and am in my second year at this school. It is going really well, love the job, and the kids, and have been given some additional temporary responsibilities.
    My dilemma is that my dream job ( as from when i started my pcge - late entrant) has come up, at the indi school where my kids go, and which is a beacon of excellence.
    I had always intended to go for a job there, but was thinking of staying where I am for around 5 + years. It would be perfect in many ways - much closer to home, it is selective, and i am much better with the brighter sets, i already do lots of extra curricular stuff, i would get 50% of the fees - for 2 children etc
    what if i fail to get the job, I am pretty sure I would be marginalised at work from then on, and i really like SLT where i am (and am not so sure about some of the slt at the indi, though i like the regular teachers there), i don't want my current school to think i am not committed to them.
    Help - should I apply or not .........
  2. peterdevon

    peterdevon New commenter

    What would you advise a student to do if he or she asked you "Should i try to do this exam? What if I fail?"
  3. Do it.
    Explain to your Head that although you are very happy in your job that because of your family, this job would suit you better. Something along those lines?
  4. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    That's what I did recently with my head, he completely understood and said it was a "one in a blue moon" opportunity which I shouldn't miss. You are not married to your job and headteachers are used to people moving on to better opportunities, in fact they'd do exactly the same if the opportunity arose. Be clear in your chat about the fact you are still very much dedicated to your school and that if you are not offered that job, you will not be going off every week to a different interview - this is a one off, a good head will understand that.
  5. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    If you are genuinely wanting the position, then you should apply for it. However, be careful how you go about informing your Head as to why you wish to do it.
    I would make an appointment with him or her and then inform them that this job has appeared, you feel you have a reasonable chance of getting it and that it would make a significant difference to your home life. You would be teaching in the same school as your children and financially this would make a tremendous difference to you as a family. It would also mean that you have less travelling time and could see more of your family.
    I would not mention that the kids are brighter there, you don't like teaching weaker classes etc. etc. You need to give the impression to your Head that the reason for moving is not really professional but more family orientated and that you are not applying because the school is better but that it would make life easier for you as a family. That way, if you do not get the position, it is not seen as a "betrayal" gone wrong ( not that it ever should be seen that way but people are like that sometimes ) but more as you wanted to get a job closer to home but that it didn't work out.
    Good luck.
  6. thanks folks, yes Karvol i think you are totally right about that - don't want to give the impression that i don't like bottom set year 10, of course i love them. [​IMG]
    I will man up and make an appointment to see the head this week.

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