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Help needed interview science technician

Discussion in 'Science' started by sylas_eku, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Pleas could somebody help me I am having interview at Friday for science Technitian what they will ask me?
    They wrote me that as well I will be do something at lat what mean something?
    Any ideas will be good thx
  2. Pleas could somebody help me I am having interview at Friday for science Technitian what they will ask me?
    They wrote me that as well I will be do something at lat what mean something?
    Any ideas will be good thx
  3. Sorry, I don't know if you've hit some odd keys, but that doesn't make sense to me.
    When I've looked for technicians, I've had some idea of what I wanted each time.
    Once I was really just looking for a glorified cleaner - keep the test-tubes and beakers fit for use, organise a few trays etc. That person had to be HAPPY washing up.
    Twice I wanted people with Physics-type skills - I got them to wire a plug (check all safety aspects) and do a bit of soldering.
    Twice I wanted Chemistry-type skills - could they use a top-pan balance accurately and a pipeette? Could they bend a glass tube? Could they insert it into a rubber bung safely.
    For Biology type work, how did they handle woodlice? Could they prepare a photosynthesis experiment? Could they overhaul a microscope.
    Interviews for teachers tend to be 30-50mins of talking (x number of candidates). For technicians, we spread them over a couple of days OR had 3 different tasks for them to do in rotation. Discussion was more limited - 10 minutes formally, but of course we were chatting while they worked.
    A lot will depend on the job specification and the required level of expertise.
    Good luck.
  4. They are looking for level 2 science lab technician they also told me about practical task could it be checking plugs or something like that. I am a little bit Stressed.
  5. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Stay cool.
    Last time we interviewed, we gave some fairly simple tasks, making a solution of something safe and a few other simple tests to see if candidates could handle basic school apparatus. We also talked about how they would do things - all low key.
    They will not ask you to rewire a mass spectrometer or calibrate an oscilloscope. They want to see if you can do something straightforward. If it's really something you find impossible then you may not enjoy doing the job anyway.
    Show your best!
  6. They will phone me after holidays. Actually i do not like houers they offer and even they will choose me probably i will say now thank you. Three days 8-30 till12. And two days 12 till. 3-30. I realny enjoy that day it was fun i treated it like a trip.
  7. I'm glad you enjoyed it and it will have been good experience.
    Dealing with ordering equipment may be a case for HoD - I used several different systems over the years but it always worked best when the technicians were competent and amenable. My overall philosophy was to allocate priority to NQT teachers - they probably have fewer alternative options than more experienced teachers, so I would always ask that person to re-order IF there was plenty of time (orders to be 48h in advance).
  8. Hi can someone give me some advice please....

    I have a science technician interview tomorrow and am really worried as to what they might ask me. I do not have experience as a technician, but have a science degree and background of research years ago.

    I've been told that I will have to do a task and will have 2 panel interviews.

    Could someone please help.

    Thank you
  9. Help needed please for an interview tomo
  10. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Good luck.

    Last couple of times we interviewed people, we showed them round the prep rooms, talked to them about the job requirements. We had some simple practical tests (making a solution, something electrical) to try to establish comfort levels with using apparatus. We talked about how you would go about various aspects of the job (using more hazardous chemicals, dealing with last minute requests).

    We then had formal interviews. This managed to sort out the applicants who had no idea about anything from those who would have been able to do the job.

    If I were appointing someone to be a technician, my dream candidate would:

    Be organised

    Be able to work with people

    Have some idea how to handle apparatus and chemicals, biological stuff - but we would expect to send candidates on some training for some of the specific stuff

    Not be afraid to ask when things are outside their comfort zone.

    Be able to deal with washing up as well as making the whizz bang experiments go.

    Best wishes


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