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Help needed from experienced year 6 teacher

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lnevil1, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. lnevil1

    lnevil1 New commenter

    I am new to year 6 and am wanting to test my class before Christmas using some past papers. Can anyone suggest a good year to use papers from? I want a paper that is fair and will provide helpful ansat analysis data. I know all papers should be the same but this doesn't always seem to be the case!
  2. clangercrazy

    clangercrazy New commenter

    I'm also new to year 6 but have recently tested my class, I used the 2010 SATs papers, found on the St Joseph's Pickering Website.
    It's recent, got a good writing test with it and has been very useful for me!
    I aim to do the 2011 one nearer to actual SATs time.
    Hope that helps!
  3. wayneski100

    wayneski100 New commenter

    Didn't find the 2011 reading paper, or maths A and B very good compared to previous years.
    2010 was ok, as was 2009. Although have used as far back as 1997/8 era with mine
  4. lnevil1

    lnevil1 New commenter

    Thank you both, your replies have been really useful.
  5. I always use the most recent papers in the autumn term, so mine have done 2011 papers. I then do another set in the spring around March time, when I use the previous year (so I will use 2010 in March). This system saves having to worry about which papers to use. Also because I teach 5/6 I make my year 5s do the papers in the spring term too (not always the maths though depending on their ability). Having a system like this means that I don't get muddled up with which papers the year 5s have already done when they reach year 6.

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