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Help needed for a history interview

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by gltownley, May 15, 2017.

  1. gltownley

    gltownley New commenter

    I'm currently teaching at a primary school, where I've been for 10 years. I have recently made the decision that I want to move into teaching secondary or A-Level history (I have a BA in history and have just submitted my thesis for a research masters).
    I applied for a job at my local sixth form college, not expecting much luck, and have today been invited for an interview. I have to teach a 20 minute lesson on war communism, 1918-21. I've done a bit of swatting up this evening, but any suggestions for activities etc. would be very gratefully received.
  2. stevesmiths0409

    stevesmiths0409 New commenter

    Here are the few activities to survive interview lessons

    • Introduce yourself
    • Use your natural voice
    • Make use of non verbal communication
    • Keep things simple
    • Be ready to accept challenges
    • keep enthusiasm
    • Engage students actively
    • Reach your expectations

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