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Help needed - confused by GTTR

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by anon2145, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I had an invitation to interview from Uni of Bedfordshire over 4 weeks ago by e-mail. The interview is this coming Wednesday.
    Today I received a letter from GTTR saying that the Uni needed more time to consider my application. The reason they gave for this just states "interview timing". The uni admissions is closed today, being Saturday, and so is GTTR. I just checked track, which did state interview as the status, but which was changed, on 16th March, to "stop".
    I haven't heard anything from the Uni to indicate that the interview isn't happening as arranged. I have e-mailed them all the paperwork requested and they have acknowleged it all fine.
    I will obviously ring the Uni and GTTR on Monday but just wondered if anyone had had this happen to them ?
    I am going to spend all weekend worrying. Surely if the Uni were going to change/cancel the interview they would have e-mailed me already ?
  2. Hi Jamiesmum - my sister in exactly the same situation too! she got in touch with MMU about the 'STOP' on her GTTR even though she has got an interview in April..MMU said the reason being for this was not that they changed their mind about her interview but rather it was to stop GTTR sending her application elsewhere as GTTR gives providers 28days to hold applications and if providers don't get in touch with them about a offer or decline they then automatically send your form off to the institution next on the list so, to stop that from happening they just inform GTTR that it's a 'stop' decision which generally is used when universities need more time to consider your application...but im assuming that they have done this with you to stop it going elsewhere.
    Since it has been over 4 weeks for you and your interview is well over the 28days that uni's can hold ur application for they have done the same with you as they have with my sister...don't worry im sure u still have your interview place - good luck! :)
    Ring them on Monday to give yourself piece of mind x


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