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Help needed at wits end!

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by ellie28, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. I teach a Year 2 class in a deprived inner city school with challenging behaviour.
    Since Easter I have really struggled with behaviour. There is one boy in the class who I feel has set it all of. He refuses to do as he is asked and if he doesn't get his way he will run around the classroom, jump on the tables, turn the lights on and off, run out of the classroom, hurt other children. He refuses to go to time out in another class and kicks out if we try to remove him ourselves. Basically I don't know what else to do. The other chn are watching this and are obviously being entertained.
    When he does eventually get removed he has some time out in another class and then comes back, no real punishment.
    Some of the other boys in the class are starting to copy and refuse to do as asked, basically they show no respect as they have seen this boy not get any real punishment.
    I feel I have completely lost control of them and dread going in!
    To make matters worse the HLTA has come in to cover and they have been 'fine' which makes me feel rubbish. She has been there for years and they seem to have respect/listen to her more.

    Please help, losing confidence!!!
  2. afterdark

    afterdark Occasional commenter

    Consider having the HLTA in and speak to the children, after some general chatter askwhy do they behave differently for the HLTA. Children can be very candid and many are often very honest.
    Good luck.

  3. sounds like an oedipal triangle-triumph over the other-you, the kids and the hlta.

  4. sounds like an oedipal triangle-triumph over the other-you, the kids and the hlta.
  5. I know the perfect book to recommend! It contains ample wisdom into the insights of how to deal with your own self confidence in challenging times as well as give children a tool to use at their leisure/disposal to help them manage their internal environment. Unresolved emotions reside within us and this technique helps children and adults to release these emotions impacting on a calmer classroom and ready to learn children.

    It's called 'do the nattylala', an acronym for the different intentional phases. I use it with all children, my class, my own child and adults. Works a treat if you are up for a new approach.


    All the best :)

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