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Help needed.... advice.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by joshlyndo, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. joshlyndo

    joshlyndo New commenter

    Ok, so I am an NQT and had a run in with the head today and need advice. So some context, I originally trained in Australia despite being English, I felt like a change of scenery and to try a new way of life, unfortunately due to the course being only a one year course I could not get a graduate visa and as such had to return to blighty. For the first year back I was stuck doing supply until september last year where I was covering a maternity post at an all girls school, which was great. They believed they could get me through the NQT year, however due to the warped system here I had to take an assessment only course in order to acquire QTS. We believed (myself and my mentor teacher at previous school) that we could backdate experience from the school and move it on to new school. This however was not the case.
    So today I was called in to the heads office saying that I lied in my interview and that I am not fit for purpose. This is due to the fact that I am a male drama teacher and the yr 11s (this is another all girls school) have taken a dislike to my teaching style as they had their last teacher for the majority of their secondary school lives and are not happy with the change. This is also not helped by the fact that straight off the bat due to their edexcel syllabus they are straight in to their recorded sessions, which follow prescribed plans which are supposed to have minimal teachers input. So its difficult for me to follow my teaching style when i am worried about the students passing their exams. As a result the HOD (who is also new) is to take them off of my hands after half term.
    Further to this I have two of the most difficult year 9 classes which I had brought to the SLTs attention that i needed help, and have been given assistance in one not the other.
    My issue is the rude way she put this to me... when i was saying about the prescribed plans, I said "...at the moment I have to teach subscribed lesson plans" she added "badly". Then also said how I wasn't doing my job correctly due to this, and the year 9 classes, pointing to a part of one of my references where it said enthusiastic then saying, "From what I have heard not very."
    She has never seen me teach, she is ignoring the fact that except for these 3 classes I have excellent rapport with all my other classes. For example the year 10s seem to really enjoy having me as their teacher, as do the younger years.
    She has basically said she is going to talk to HR about terminating my contract. So the advice I need is which union can protect me from this, also how can I go about making a complaint about her personal and vindictive attack. Since I have been there I have heard things from her that would shock people, I had to hold my tongue today as the way she spoke to me sickened me.
    I want to stay to get the year over and done with, however I want to show that she can't bully people under a veneer of being a sweet little lady.
  2. cat2611

    cat2611 Occasional commenter

    Are you in a union already? If you are in a union they will help you, if you are not in a union then no union will help you. Unions won't let you sign up for pre existing problems.

    Can you go to the citizens advice bureau of teacher support network? Can you work independently to put a grievance in for bullying and victimisation. Is it best to put a grievance in against the school and it's systems rather than against the head personally? She is still responsible but a grievance against the school might be more successful. In my experience a grievance against the school was taken seriously but a grievance against the head was dismissed.

    Good luck, I hope things improve for you.
  3. DYNAMO67

    DYNAMO67 Lead commenter

    1) What have you lied about at interview? Is it about qualifications? If so this is an issue.

    2) cat2611 is right. You suggest you want to join a union now. They won't take on a pre existing case. Best advice would be to go to CAB.

    On another point you have given a lot of identifiable information in this thread. Maybe ask the moderators to delete it.
  4. mark6243

    mark6243 Occasional commenter

    Welcome to reality Josh. You're of no more value, and can expect no greater respect, than a waiter in a run-down roadside café.

    Get into a union. Now. Whilst union can't and won't represent you, school don't know that you weren't in a union...I hope. Just mention, next meeting, that you'd like to take some notes to pass onto the rep. Yes, it's poker, but it may make them think twice.

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