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HELP NEEDED: Academic planner for a wannabe Primary Teacher

Discussion in 'Personal' started by simonherdman, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. jeanmassieu

    jeanmassieu New commenter

    Hi, I'm Simon.

    I hope everyone is staying safe and carrying out the correct procedure during this unprecedented time.

    I will have interviews for my PGCE Primary at a couple of Universities next week. However, I also applied for a SCITT placement, but due to school closures, this has been postponed indefinitely. I sincerely hope this will not affect any applicants who hope to gain a place for September onwards.

    However, I am looking for a good primary teacher academic planner, and I have set my eyes on one from Amazon, but I hope to read opinions from others, and also how do you fill in the planners? Coloured markers? Is anyone here willing to share a screenshot of an old planner from last year or so?


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