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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by jessicaglover, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I really need your help because Im at a loss for ideas and the resources are not helping me ( i just get confused by them all)

    I have to teach Reception using the following objective 'uses words such as bigger or circle to describe flat and solid shapes.'

    I taught this lesson on fri and it went wrong so have to re do it.
    They said it was to easy. And are wanting something more complicated. Im thinking about introducing 2D and 3D shapes so any ideas will help as its for an appraisal!!!
  2. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    put 2D shapes on whiteboard and ask what they are (square, rectangle, circle and triangle).
    Explain they are FLAT shapes and write 'flat' above them.
    Show a balloon and tell the children it is flat. Press it between palms. Ask how to make it FAT. Obvious, blow it up!
    Blow it up and place between palms. It is fat.
    Take a shape from the board and ask children how we can make it into a fat shape. Blow on it (doesn't work)!
    Place it into a magic box (sparkly!)
    Children suggest some magic words.
    Pull the 2D shape out again. It didn't work. Think of more magic words. This time pull out the corresponding 3D shape. The children really responded to my face and manner!
    Explain it is fat and give the name of the shape.
    My class quite happily sat throughout the session on the carpet because it grabbed their interest.
    Continue with other shapes. The triangle, didn't want to go in the box so I left it for another session. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE BOX AWAY!!! They were so disappointed but the 'magic' would have been ruined!!

    This is the activity Kitkat47 gave the link for, originally posted by bouncy tigger. I did it today and it was brilliant, I have never had applause from the children at the end of a maths lesson before! Then they went off and did it for themselves with flat and solid shapes in the maths area.
  3. Ive done this or something very similar and it works really well for both reception and year 1. I moved up with my recpetion class one year and it was a continual topic of conversation everytime we used shapes.
    I also followed it up with a Shape walk and we went out with a camera and took photos of the shapes we saw!

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