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HELP! need a school to email in Liverpool

Discussion in 'Primary' started by elliemorley, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. We are a small school (270) and I have a class of year 5's, 30 of them! We are studying John Lennon this term and are looking for a school to email in Liverpool. We are approximatley 3 miles from the centre of Plymouth, Devon and I am looking for a similair school, if possible. We are hoping to compare and contrast the 2 cities as well as learning the skills of emailing.
    Hopefully we could start as soon as possible and are looking to email once a week until Easter.
    Please respond if you can help
  2. Hi, I teach Y3 in Everton in Liverpool - about a mile out of the city centre. I will mention it to our upper KS2 teachers tomorrow - a 4/5 class, and straight 5&6 classes. My class range from 1C to 2A in writing but I may be able to plan something if other teachers cannot fit it in. We have similar numbers to you, including a nursery but class sizes are around 25. When you say you are looking for a similar school, do you mean in size or area or in another way? Sounds like a great idea, but we are only just setting up a website and so only have the school's admin email address. Would this be a problem?
    My personal email is anna_carmel@hotmail.com if you want to get in touch.
  3. thank you!!! Will email you over the weekend!


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