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Help! Moving year groups but the National Archives aren't allowing me to see the strategies properly

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by tapemeasure, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Using the archived content of the DfES website to try and download / find the Year 3 literacy and numeracy units.
    The majority of the links and PDF's don't appear to be working and can only actually see 3 of the literacy units properly. Any ideas? With nothing else to go on not really sure what we're meant to do.
    Does anyone have them already downloaded? Thanks
  2. Try a website called Teachfind... you might need to google it... [​IMG] I had the same problem!

  3. Thanks - just found Lancs ngfl as well which has all the numeracy units and summaries of the literacy - phew![​IMG]
  4. Teach find lets you see them properly but the pdfs don't open properly :-(

  5. It does, you just need to access them from the far right hand menu where they come up as attachments. I have just downloaded each of the units for my new year group as pdf files in word and adobe. What a fab site.
    How useless is the DFE one though for anyone moving age groups!

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