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Help - Medium Term Planning Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Primary' started by newmoon98, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hi Irulan,
    Thank you for replying. I am currently only going to be teaching Numeracy and Literacy, so I am following the Units from National Strategies for Numeracy in the order given (depending on what is happening within school, events within the year and what the children are looking at within the other subjects). For Literacy, I was thinking about starting with the unit 1 stories with historical setting - topic focus on the Tudors which I know the children have experienced before, I was going to use the tv drama clip 'Merlin' to introduce the historical side and use Terry Deary's 'The Thief, The Fool and The Big Fat King' which is short story, where the children can focus on characters further.
    I have very detailed weekly plans for Literacy/Numeracy, where I ensure the objectives include NC, LOs from NC, states the activities, resources, assessments, focus groups and questions. It also has a space for evaluating the lesson/learning/understanding - I am just a little confused with the medium term plans for Lit/Num.

    Thanks again.

  2. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I don't make MTPs for Literacy and Numeracy - we use the old framework for Numeracy, so we go by that and for Literacy use the Power of Reading mixed in with our own ideas, keeping track using the old word/sentence level stuff from the framework. In terms of actual planning, we just have our weekly plans to work from. MTPs are used for foundation subjects, ICT and PE.
  3. Like Sillow, I don't make MTPs for literacy and numeracy. We have to follow the frameworks so use those as the MTPs. Remember if you don't put the literacy units in order (which I don't necessarily) you must check that the word and sentence level work is suitable. You might need to change that about - if so just scribble on the unit plan if you have to hand something in to show that you are using them.
    You might find it useful to download Grammar for Writing. I often use this when doing word and sentence level work.
  4. For maths the Framework itself is the long term plan i.e. what you will teach over the year. Your medium term plans will show which objectives you are teaching each term and your short term plans how you will teach those objectives in a lesson (usually weekly).
    You don't have to construct either long or medium term plans yourself if you are following one of the maths Frameworks, they are done for you, though you would adapt the medium term plans to suit your needs e.g. the number of days in your spring term may not be the same as in the sample plan/adjusting allocation of time in relation to class strengths and weaknesses.
    You can download a copy of the old framework here http://www.ness.uk.com/maths/old-framework-file.htm . You can download the long and medium term plans for the new framework and all the sample medium term plans for the old Framework etc here http://www.ness.uk.com/maths/planning.htm

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