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Help me with some info regarding the Magic Kingdom

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ShriekofAraby, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. I'm looking into the KSA as a place to work, and I really need some info/advice regarding some of the schools there. If you have worked there, or if you know a lot about the schools and compounds there, please PM me as I want to talk about specific schools and I don't want this thread deleted.
    Thank-you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.
  2. You've been PM'd.
  3. daybreak07

    daybreak07 New commenter

    Hi there - I am about to make the move to Saudi in September, working at the BISJ (aka conti school) in Jeddah. I believe Hippo's wife worker there for a while and I am sure he will speak positively about it. Everything I have heard about this school is positive and although I haven't started there it sounds like one of the best schools out there.

    I think JPGS has undergone a change in management and hit the Arab press recently, but I think it has been a good school to work at in the past...

    Feel free to ask any specifics and I'll see what I can do! But I think the other two PMs you got are from pretty experienced and seasoned intl teachers - I would trust their opinions and advice!

    All the best....
  4. daybreak07

    daybreak07 New commenter

    Schaiser, I meant to PM this. Apologies.

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