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Help me: Should I do the PGSE ( honestly needed) :(

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Albawolf, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Albawolf

    Albawolf New commenter

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to this forum. My name is Albawolf and I am 22 years old. I need some advice .

    I graduated university last year in July with a 2.1 in Law . I don't want to be solicitor and I don't know what I want to be . I know I have messed up my entire life.

    I am under a lot of pressure to have my whole in together because I should be having all together. I am running out of time to have it all together because I don't have it all together I will have a bad life and awful 30s. I am far behind where I am supposed to be . I should be in a career and having a relationship. I never had job except voluntary work throughout university and never had a boyfriend. I am worrying a lot .
    It is so humilating everyone around me lives are coming together mine is just a mess

    Teaching is stable career because it is a job for life . I feel like becoming a teacher I will no longer have to deal with the uncertainty of not having a job and have life all together.
    I love education yes but I don't enjoy teaching see . I am already teach holy communion classes at my local Catholic church and I enjoy it but not that much . I prefer being around people my age and interacting with them. I could only spend up to an hour with a child anything for than that I will get very very bored.

    What happens to people who go in to teaching but never wanted to be a teacher ?
    I would like to hear peoples experiencs or thier observation
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  2. MathMan1

    MathMan1 New commenter

    Hi, I'm not a teacher so can't say whether you should, or shouldn't take that forward as a career, but I would Very Strongly suggest you're putting yourself under extreme pressure if you believe you *should* have your exact perfect career planned out by 22.

    Forget the bumf you read on the internet (and whatever else other grads might suggest) because Very Many people switch careers, often multiple times during their lives.

    Your degree shows you can study and would probably find the PGCE study achievable, but reading your last para " ... I prefer being around people my age and interacting with them. I could only spend up to an hour with a child anything for than that I will get very very bored ..." would tend to suggest that primary or secondary teaching might not be a fit for you.

    "I am under a lot of pressure ..." From whom? If from you then, ease up on the throttle, and if from others, remember THEY won't be the ones putting in the hours as a teacher - you will be! It has to be a right fit ... for you.

    Perhaps before you make any firm decisions, seek out some voluntary time in more than one school so you can test how those experiences go for you.

    Remember also, as a teacher you'll often be teaching a class where many (all?) of those there don't want to learn your subject. How will you cope with that? They're not rejecting you, but it's easy to take it personally (I'd suggest)

    You said "What happens to people who go in to teaching but never wanted to be a teacher ?" I'd suggest that's rather like people who marry the person everyone said was right for them - but they knew they shouldn't have done it. Do you fancy living the rest of your life with a partner you'd wish you could leave, but feel you can't "because ..."?

    Again, get in some schools and check that it's right for you.

    No doubt some others better able to offer comments will post on here shortly. too.
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  3. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    you don't need to have your life all sorted by 22, why should you? I suspect lots of the people who you think have it all together actually don't. Careers change, relationships unravel.

    Is English your first language? It might be because you are feeling emotional, but it doesn't seem so in your post.

    If you are at university, try the careers advice they offer.
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  4. Albawolf

    Albawolf New commenter

    Engilish is my first language. I have been typing very fast on my iphone. I am under a lot of stress. I gradauted 7 months ago and I feel like i have messed up my entire life.
    My University has a stastics which say gradautes find work within 6 months after gradauting .
    I am never going to find a job or a career. Its too late for me .
  5. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    nonsense! I'm decades older than you and in the process of changing career right now. YOu are very very young, just starting out. In 10 years time you will most likely have been working at one career for around 9 years, and be thinking about possibly changing to another.

    not all of them!
    have you thought of looking into applying to the civil service, or to one of the schemes that places graduates with a charity for a year?

    At your age, I was still doing casual work. I didn't start teaching until I was a couple of years older than you

    Honestly, you have so many options, The world is your oyster! You just haven't found your niche yet, but you will xx
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  6. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

    You don't particularly like teaching or young people but you want to go into teaching because that removes your uncertainty over not having a job and your comment' "...have life altogether" implies that having a job, any job, will somehow make your life better. Having a boyfriend as well would make your life perfect?

    I wonder how much these feelings emanate from you or are the expectations of those close to you. You are 22 with a good degree so why do you think you have messed up your life? Again is this your opinion or what you have been told? A chat with your university's careers department might be a good start or an appointment with a careers coach. There are plenty of graduate training schemes or other openings out there for you but you must make it happen.

    With regard to entering teaching for the reasons you describe would I feel be a total, unmitigated DISASTER! Teaching is a profession that has a very high turnover of young entrants:


    It's a challenge for those who are committed to a teaching career to see it through but for those who, like you, just want the security of a job then there are many other careers that offer decent pay and security without the stress and relentless pressure of modern teaching.

    To be frank, I don't think your life is a mess but I think your head is in a mess and a chat with a counsellor, a life coach, a trusted friend or family member could help you take stock of your life so far and help you chart a positive and constructive way forward.
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  7. Albawolf

    Albawolf New commenter

    No one is putting pressure me .
    I always fee like a failure . I feel like i am running out of time. I worry if dont get it right now i am going to have awful life.

    I didnt meet a guy a university and fear i am going to be single forever.
    I have pratically given up on life
  8. Albawolf

    Albawolf New commenter

    People say the world is my oyster .
    It does not feel that way at all.
    I feel like there is nothing for me
    I have pratically given up on life .

    I diagnosed with depression last year in January but gradauting has made it worse

    My happiness is non existent
    Nothing feels pleasurable anymore
    I good at pretending to be happy so noboby really knows how i feel.
  9. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    As I tell my daughter, who is 18, there is no set deadline to achieving things, nor is there only one road to a destination. You can mess things up, not that you have in any way, and there will always be another route into something. I wasn't sorted at 22, not many people are. Take time to find what makes you happy. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.
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  10. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

    I think you need professional help.
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  11. Hi Albawolf,

    From what you're saying it sounds like you're experiencing high levels of anxiety and/or depression which I would strongly suggest you work on before taking any steps in your career. It's ok to feel nervous about which direction your life will take but it sounds like this anxiety could have a huge impact on your life if you end up choosing something just to try and avoid it. Go and talk to your GP about how you're feeling, give yourself the time and space to think about what you actually want and take care of yourself.

    Danni x
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  12. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Seconded. You sound under substantive stress and thus this affects your decision making. As a PG tutor I would not advise coming into teaching at this moment. Teaching is a stressful career where you spend most of your time away from adults and with children - the very opposite of what you want.
    A UG degree is simply the first stepping stone. I suggest you’ve entered the job market too soon. Look for further PG study or internships to develop your CV.
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  13. Albawolf

    Albawolf New commenter

    Postgradaute study I am scared of gradauting again which i why i dont want to do postgradaute study.
    When i gradauted i was so terrified of the future . The months after I just fell apart . I couldnt sleep, i stopped eating and everyday i wanted to die as i feel like i have messed up my entire life.

    I never felt so lost

    I always have a plan and for the first time I didnt. It is so scary

    I dont regret going to university because i love reading and discussing ideas.

    I looked at apprenticeships when I was in sixth form but there was none I liked. The apprenticeships adveristed at the time where in hairdressing, construction, childcare and some in catering.

    If i gradaute again i will fall apart again.

    I have no idea what i want to do.

    I messed up my entire life i know i have.
  14. Albawolf

    Albawolf New commenter

    I would like to thank everyone for their postive responses.

    I realise now a PGCSE would be a waste of time and will end up leaving the profession quite early.

    I would like job with people my age and discussing ideas .

    I dont regret going to university because I love reading and discussing ideas.
    I loved my degree. I love the theory side of law but the pratical side bores me.

    I looked at apprenticeships in sixth form and there was none i liked . The apprenticeships advertised at the time where in hairdressing , construction, childcare, accounting , catering .

    I love poltics mainly , cyber secruity , ( no IT A levels and never did it at GCSE i know forgert it) .

    I dont see my life ever getting better.
    It has finally suck in i have messed it all up and cant fix this .
  15. Albawolf

    Albawolf New commenter

    I am sorry for my messages.
    I just having the worst time ever . My birthday coming up is not helping matters .
  16. NoahHarvey

    NoahHarvey New commenter

    All will be okay

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