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Help me clear/use up all the food in my freezer.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by grandelf, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    OK forward planning time. I would like to have emptied the majority of the 'old stock' from my Freezer before the end of term. Cooking time is going to be very limited as I/we are out the house 7am-6pm over the next couple off weeks.
    Ideally I need to make some ready meals that can be throw with rice/mash/pasta etc on the night.
    I already have in
    2 portions of bolognese style sauce
    2 portions of veggie curry
    2 portions of moussaka
    (will ignore the carrot cake/cheese cake that is in there)

    So I have (weights are roughly right)

    chicken thighs (600g)
    Meat joints for Sunday dinners x3
    Chicken breasts x 8
    3 packets of Bacon (2 Smokey)
    2 60g Bacon Lardons
    8 Lincashire sausages
    1 port loin (which will become char su pork)
    2 breaded fish fillets
    mince 3 x 400g
    1 box of frozen home made roast spuds.
    I have a well stocked store cupboard (eg chrizo, red wine vinegar, soy sauce, herbs spices etc etc etc) of all the normal things, and happy to buy stuff to supplement.

    Any healthy ideas? ie comes in at less than 500 cals per portion.
  2. I nominate you for the procrastinator of the year award ! "Forward plans are due in so I'd better............ list the contents of my freezer " [​IMG]

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