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Help me and my horrible hair!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Lilyofthefield, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. This how it looks. Shapeless, limp, thin, flluffy, ****. Pity me.
    I want it wavy or with loose curls, but still about shoulder-length. I suspect there is only enough hair for about five curls, no matter how much "product" I pile on it.
    I am therefore considering hair extensions for the occasion of my son's wedding, much to the mocking hilarity of my menfolk ("Hah"! One-way ticket to Essex for you!").
    Has any of you had them? My questions are:
    1. Will they stay in my **** flimsy hair?
    2. How long do they last? I'd have to have them done on Friday and they'd have to last until the following Wednesday. I'm sure clip-in ones won't last that long.
    3. Can you style them with tongs, and does it make them fall out? Can you brush your hair?
    4. Can you see them if the wind blows your hair about? It's a beach wedding so i anticipate a bit of a sea breeze.
    5. Can you have the whole lot dyed the same colour?
    6. Do they look really fake? I only want them for volume really, not long tails of fakery.
    I can't afford to have a try-out first.
    Apologies if the photo turns out huge - I have tried to resize it but it hardly ever seems to work!
  2. basically ... yeah to all the above (except 4 and 6) as you just treat them as normal hair.
    the bad news is they're like £500, I considered getting them but decided I'd rather put the money towards abdominal suergey!
  3. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    I think it could do with a decent re-style [​IMG]
  4. Your face is fairly nondescript as well.
  5. Could you not wear a do-up for the event
  6. chloejewel

    chloejewel New commenter

    Lily, have you been to your hairdresser to see what they think? Maybe they could try out a few styles with your own hair for the wedding first?
  7. There isn't enough volume for an up-do. From the front I look as if I've got no hair.
    K'nell!!! I had no idea!
    Plan B is possibly a perm. It is in terrible condition but I can have it cut short after the wedding if it turns to candyfloss (I hate it short). But again, I'd have to leave it to very near the time and if it's a disaster I'm stuck with it.
  8. I looked up Justin whatever his name is and was indeed flattered that someone so famous (errr... so famous that I can't remember his name from the previous page) should have chosen to model his coiffeur on mine.
  9. Really? Gosh.
  10. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

  11. You could always whack in a pile of clip in extensions for a up-do. Don't forget back combing and shaggy hair spray with a smoother. All good volume tricks for an up-do. You might struggle with any sort of down-type thing anyway on a beach. A classy top knot type thing? whack in a curl some extensions, back com at roots for top volume, serum oer, get a fringe chopped in and leave this loose with side tapering, a couple of pretty pins hold your (now) voluminous curls just below the extension line and Roberts your mothers brother...
  12. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    You aren't going to buy human hair are you? [​IMG]
  13. I cannot bear the idea of wearing hair extensions - human or not. It's gross. Some people sell their hair - how absolutely horrible is that?

    I know hair is dead even when it's attached to your head - isn't it? - but it's well and truly dead if it's not attached to the original owner's scalp.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    When we've got your hair sorted out, lily, we can start working on what to do with mine if I decide to wear the big fancy hat to my son's wedding! Hat hair is a worry.
  15. Again, not sure if can get a Turkish hairdresser to understand my plans!
    Seren, will you be at a hotel? Could you wear your hat during the day and then nip back to your room and do your hair again with the comb for the evening?
  16. Lily if I dried my hair without any product in it would look the same, although about a foot longer and 2 inches wider! If you want to head in the curl direction i'd recommend 3 products which I just chuck in after washing, then I just dry it and it's done. They're all a bit pricey but they save me the daily hassle of having to waste time, you don't need loads of it so they last a while and the second on the following list also smells gorgeous. They're all from the TIGI Catwalk range, lots of hairdressers and outlets sell them. Two from the 'curl collection', 1) strong mousse 2) Curls rock amplifier and then the Root Boost from the 'volume collection'. Used them for years, haven't found anything else that can tame my lion's mane :)
  17. Lily, I'd say get the ends chopped off and before the big day tell your favourite hairdresser your dilemma. I too have fly-away hair that frizzes and kinks so sleek styles are a bu.gger for me to manage 'cos I am not one for faffing about blow-drying and using straighteners for a sleek look. (I recently had my very thick hair cut into a graduated bob - shorter at the back - and even though I cannot get it to look as sleek as the hairdresser does, it looks a whole lot neater.)
    If I were you I'd go for a shoulder length 'big' do....Get your hairdresser to practice setting your hair on big rollers, for body rather than curl...and setting it with the most concrete-like substance she can.....just for a trial run. When it's brushed through/styled (and sprayed) it will probably look much more together and impressive...<u>not </u>massive and curly.
    Even a Turkish stylist will be able to set your hair for you on the day, if your usual hairdresser has cut it well. Bring some of the concrete setting lotion (or whatever) with you and insist on it being used. Even if it's a blowy day on the beach your hair will retain body and volume.(I'd say ask for a layered bob and have a few practice runs before the wedding.)
    Good luck...I too know the despair of having hair which does it's own thing. I know it looks better if the cut at least is good.
  18. Could you go to a hairdresser you trust, get it done and take lots of photos from all angles then show them to the Turkish hairdresser?
  19. From what I remember, Lily, your hair is very similar to mine (very, very fine, an annoying wave and no matter how great you look, an hour later the effect is gone - we have spoken about this lots over the years).
    Without having to resort to posting a picture of myself (I didn't want to dazzle you), I have find a piccie which shows what my hair is like (at the moment).
    Even with my baby fine hair, this style works.
    A fringe doesn't suit me, so a "long" fringe is better and I have a layer cut right into the bottom of my hair, which means I can curl the bottom (dead straight doesn't suit me, but I curl the bottom bits with the straigtheners) and it springs about a bit.
    And I think I was a lot blonder when we met - my hair is now about as dark as in this photo (slightly lighter) with some toffee coloured highlights.

  20. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    Oooh, I love that haircut. I may have to steal it...

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