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Help! Looking for Stone Cold video or dvd

Discussion in 'English' started by MiniOwner, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Can anyone steer me in the direction of finding a copy of Robert Swindell's 'Stone Cold'? Getting desperate!!

  2. Can anyone steer me in the direction of finding a copy of Robert Swindell's 'Stone Cold'? Getting desperate!!

  3. I have one someone very kind on here sent me. it's from BBC schools I think.
    Try Trumedia.
  4. Thanks for the tip, Tiggywinkle. I've had a look at their site with no luck, so I've sent an email. Fingers crossed.
  5. I'm trying to get it off an ex-colleague on VHS. I'll make a note of your name and let you know if I get it. It's a bit dated now and the kids criticise the low budget BBC drama style but it still helps with the novel.
  6. Hi guys

    Would really appreciate some info (or a copy if possible!) on Stone Cold dvd/video - even more difficult for me than normal at the minute coz am teaching in Mexico!

    Anything very gratefully received!

    K x

  7. Still no luck - anyone have any ideas to help with tracking down this video/dvd?
  8. Hasn't this just been re-released (and somewhat adapted) starring Tom Selleck? I think it's based on Swindell's book, BUT set in America, which isn't so great I suppose ... could do if you're desperate?
  9. Thanks nitnat, I did look at that but not the one I'm looking for.
  10. I usually find most dvd I need on
    and they will post overseas too - hope you find what you are looking for.
  11. It really is a bad video! I've watched it with two year 9 groups, and they hated it. Link comes over as a whiny pain in the ****, and Shelter is all wrong - extra stuff added in that is not in novel. I would send you my copy, but belongs to department!
  12. Lol. Thought you meant the wrestler and was going to offer my dvd on him.
  13. did anyone manage to track down a copy of Stone cold on dvd/video its just Im an NQT currently teching the novel to my yr 11 GCSE class and cannot find one anywhere. any help is appriciated.
  14. Hey madchick, I'm first in the queue! LOL

    Anyone help us both out here?
  15. A few months ago I offered to make a copy for one poster on here and ended up copying and mailing twenty copies to various teachers all over the country! Never again.

    To all the people I helped out there - why don't you help someone else by copying it and sending it on - or am I the only mug out there?
  16. angel21

    angel21 New commenter

    I am in search of Stone Cold on DVD- I bought a copy when it was for sale on ebay but it's gone walkies- has anyone got one that can be copied for me? I'll obviously pay for any expenses!
  17. Hester

    And much appreciated the copy was too!

    OK guys let me take the weight off Hester this time. Email me an address to send to and I'll get copies made and posted off. Quality is not great but watchable.

    I'll do it this time, someone else can do next time.... :cool:

    PS The American version is bleugh!
  18. rfharris

    rfharris New commenter

    Someone (I'm sure he was male though, not a Hester,) sent me a copy. I'll be happy to get it copied if they can do that for me at school, and send it on to others. (Or is there some quick way to copy them at home? No. can't be: only one slot for a CD in my DVD player and in my computer!)
  19. Hiya,

    I would greatly appreciate a copy of Stone Cold and would be happy to make a donation for it.

    My email addy is stephanie_mad14@hotmail.com

    Honestly - you'd think the BBC and other such companies would know what's taught in schools and stick them on TV regularly for us to access - that or just make it purchasable..they'd make a fortune!

    Steph x

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