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Help! KS3 Maths Schemes of Work

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by TheGDA, May 1, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I'm preparing next year's schemes of work for KS3 Maths for years 7&8/
    Can anyone send me a model SoW? I need a little bit of inspiration.
    Cheers [​IMG]
  2. Your first post was misleading GDA. I was going to offer to send you a scheme of work I've been developing for months and I'm bloody glad I didn't take the time. In fact, re-reading your first post, it was very misleading.
  3. Sorry to have mislead you but it wasn't meant to mislead.
    I clearly stated that I am preparing Schemes of work for next year (KS3 Year 7&8)
    This is what I am exactly doing.
    The plan is to start the school for semptember.
    The DfE need SoWs in upon application, even though I do not have any teachers at this moment.
    I want to put together a good SoW with the help of the TES community, for the children who will attend.
    If the application is successful, the Maths teacher would be able tomake use of the SoW.
    The DfE mentioned that the SoW can be modified at a later date.
    I hope that clears the air.
    I already have a few schemes of Work at hand. I have a number of colleagues who are teachers, but I want to add a little more innovation and creativity to what I already have.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
    All the Best
  4. Thank you for the reply. I was aggrieved because you said you were preparing next year's scheme of work, but then elsewhere you say this will be done by teachers in post at the new school, and you just need any scheme of work as part of the application. You also state you're looking for inspiration, but actually you need expertise on the whole scheme of work, as you don't appear to have experience or qualification in teaching maths, leading the teaching of maths or writing maths schemes of work. I would help you design a creative and innovative scheme of work for the students you envisage teaching, but I would require payment. Free access to something I have already designed/contributed to/have access to is not exactly an attractive offer. I wish you luck with your venture, starting a new school and putting ones words in to action strikes me as brave and exciting.
  5. Thanks for replying.
    I think I will try to be a lot clearer with the use of language in future.
    I have sent you a message.
    I am interested in your resources.
  6. arsinh

    arsinh New commenter

    There appears to be something wrong with your keyboard so I have repaired that post for you.
  7. Come on arsinh, haven't you daydreamed about how you'd run a school? Blimey, I dream about how I'd run the whole country's education system!
  8. arsinh

    arsinh New commenter

    I don't understand how, if you are only going to accept a Year 7 cohort of 25 students initially, you will be able to afford this staff of subject specialists.
  9. You're out on a mission aren't you?
    Get some rest [​IMG]
  10. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    My children do this sort of thing with a family/town. Playing 'SIMS3' is a bit different from doing it for real, though!

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