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Help! Job interview lesson at private school

Discussion in 'English' started by ponkey75, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I would love some help or suggestions as have got an interview at a private school on Monday and as part of the interview I am going to be teaching a 40 minute lesson to a group of year nines (they are all expected to achieve B or better).
    The lesson has to focus on non-fiction reading skills. I have been told to use a current newspaper article of my choice.
    I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for an activity or two to really wow the interviewers...

    Would be really really grateful for any suggestions or advice you could give...
    Many thanks.

  2. It's not exactly an original idea, but get two articles, on the same news story, one from the Telegraph, one from the Guardian. Choose something where it's obvious that the Telegraph is giving the story a Tory slant, the Guardian a left wing trendy slant.
    Then do close reading, focusing on the phrases they use (like "gaffe", "slammed", "shock"), the way they quote pressure groups as authorities, the details present or absent,the adjectives they use.
    Compare these two sentences from today's lead story for example.

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for your prompt reply and for giving me some ideas/thoughts.
    Got both newpapers from today. Somebody suggested that I should use an article from current media affairs, eg: The X factor. What is your opinion on this?
    For the starter activitity, I thought to give the class a series of statements on presentational devices . They need to decide whether or not they agree/disagree to the statements and also post-it their reasons for their choices. What do you think? Bear in mind that I have 40 mins.
    Finally, do you think I should show them how to improve their ideas/answers through levels/grades?
    Thanks again.

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