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Help; job interview & lesson observation...

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Jice, May 22, 2012.

  1. Have an interview Friday. I have to give a lesson to a mixed group of KS3 students with a 'literacy theme'. Any ideas about a geog. lesson I can do with a focus on literacy?
    <u>I can teach any topic it just needs to have a literacy theme; 30 minute lesson. </u>
  2. Hi

    Have a selected group of key words displayed at all times on the board. These will be your words that you will make sure they have spelt correctly.Also make sure any countries used have capital letters. A variety of pupils reading out in lesson is always a plus!! You could use a poem/story which links with your topic? Pupils could make a story board linked with the topic. For example i have just done a mt etna story baord with pupils where they had to write down what they would do in an evacuation event.

    Hope this helps
  3. Is it any particular topic?
    -You could use some of Bill Bryson's books as they describe landscapes brilliantly and ask them to write their own landscape descriptions. Get them to brainstorm good descriptive words first on the board to help the lower ability pupils.
    - Or read them an extract from Horrible Geographies and get them to write their own to describe the formation of a feature or process.
    - Key word bingo is a good plenary where you ask them to write down 10 or so key words from the lesson and you read out the definitions until someone gets a full house.
    Hope that helps.
  4. Oh does it help!
    I had already been putting some ideas together and came up with 5 Key Words that run through the lesson. I had thought to start off with a bit of a Quiz/Test, as in write down and spell these words. Plenary around same 5 words but including putting them into sentences about the lesson, perhaps in pairs; read out to group - I can show my 'levelling' skills then! I like your topic and presentation of it via storyboard. Mount Etna is current as it recently blew again BUT worried they might have already studied it; group is combination YR 8 & 9. Had thought to do something around the Gaming industry after testing it out on a year 9 today. Heard today that by age 7, children will have spent, on average, 1 year in front of a monitor (of some description). Not sure what 'angle' to take with it yet but what do you think? I'm seeing atlases and blank maps. Or perhaps your storyboard idea might fit better (and atlases). I'm trying to keep it simple but with a 'wow' factor if possible.


  5. Great help thanks!!

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