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Help!! I've been accpted to Chester Uni and Cheshire an Merseyside GTP...which do I choose??

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Robbieboy, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I have been offered a place for GTP from both the University of Chester and the Cheshire & Merseyside Consortium. I really don't know which to choose. I've been accepted for the salary grant for both and 2 other candidates who just got accepted by C & M, will be doing it in the same school as me so I'm getting a little bit of pressure from my school to choose the same....Does anyone have any advice/information on on Chester or C & M??
  2. Hi
    I've been accepted by C & M and am thrilled. I didn't get on at chester so well done you! My only observation is that C & M seem much more organised and on the ball which I see as a huge advantage. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks johnsk. What subject are you going to be teaching? I'm still undecided and need to make a decision tomorrow at the latest! I think one thing that is really drawing me to Chester is the use of their resources as I've spoken to C & M and they didn't have any compared to Chester. I have to agree C & M have always beewn really informative and friendly but for some reason I thought the Chester course seemed more professional, what did you think?
  4. Hi
    I wasn't lucky enough to get an interview at Chester so didn't explore what they offered very far. You need to choose where you will be happiest as it is going to be a mammoth year!! I am doing Primary...
  5. Thanks for your input. I chose Chester in the end, but my school are really supportive of my choice which is good! Good luck for the year ahead!
  6. I got a place with M & C GTP! cant tell you how relieved i am and so looking forward to the training year! Are any of you going to the Trainee Day on 9th July? Maybe see you there!

  7. Hi !
    Yes I am going on the 9th of July as is another successful person at my school. I can't believe it all really yet! Such a shock as the odds were so low. so pleased and we'll all be able to meet each other on the day
  8. yeah, it will be good to catch up with everyone and get to know each other as we pscyh ourselves up for what is going to be a mammoth training year! i still cant quite believe it myself, but cant wait to get started.
  9. Are you already working in your lead school?
  10. Yes, i am already at my lead school working as a TA full time. Its going to be strange going back after the summer as a 'trainee teacher', but im looking forward to lots of extra responsibilities. Are you at your lead school already?
  11. Yea I am a TA at my lead school too. I had to get up in the whole school assembly yesterday so the head could tell all the kids I would be a teacher in September! Very embarrassing. What year group are you going to be in? I will find out after half term. All exciting but terrifying.....
  12. Hi mate. Hopefully Year 2 or Year 3 as my time is split equally between both. I had similar too on Wednesday when i found out! :) Great stuff though and makes you realise how much you enjoy the job and the choice is the right one. 2 weeks half term break now, boy am i ready for it after a mammoth last 4 weeks as i ran the london marathon and then went straight into preparing for the interview! [​IMG]

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