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HELP interview!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mariyakhan, May 16, 2011.

  1. <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="margin:auto auto auto 36pt;" class="MsoNormalTable"><tr><td style="background-color:transparent;border:#ece9d8;padding:0cm;">Hi everyone.. I have an interview on Friday and I have to plan a Numeracy lesson based on simple addition word problems.. I was thinking of basing it on the story the very hungry caterpillar as it is a year one class. Any ideas on group activities? Thankyou! x </td></tr></table>
  2. Do you have any ideas of how simple the addition problems should be?
    I'm in Y1 and am currently teaching the A3 block of the framework. My class are adding multiples of 10 to 2 digit numbers. Of course not all of them are able to do this and if it's problem solving even the most able need smaller numbers to work with.
    What ideas did you have for using the 'very hungry caterpillar'? Maybe if you tell us your ideas we can help with expanding them.
  3. What is your learning objective?
    How will you ensure that the non readers can access the word problems?

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