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Help interview!

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by somamittra, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Ok so I was chilling today as no school cause of snow then I got a call saying that on thur I have to teach a 30min literacy lesson to year 3 and interview for a g&t post! Panic has sunk in! No access to school resources or flipchart to prepare for lesson and school is closed again tomorrow!
    So I've spent all day panicking and now still am clueless! Oh God!
    Ok anyway what do people think of this:
    Lesson where I show children 6-7 objects in a bag and they have to guess who the bag might belong to. Focus on questioning skills and in groups they have to come up with 5 questions to ask character about the objects to help find out more about them.Talk to them about open ended and closed questions maybe?
    Please can someone give me some ideas on how to make this idea even better e.g differentiation, extending G & T, sen and EAL children. Was gonna get kids to work in mixed ability groups? Can anyone think of some WOW objects...oh man!
    Oh and questions they may ask me...I am currently covering EMA and MFL for someone on maternity, I don't know these children, they teacher blah blah...the school website doesn't even have any policies I can down load. I know that in the Ofstead report one area of impprovement is extending acheivements for more able kids. Don't know what they will be looking for, I start blabbing in interviews! Any tips/ideas would be great........plssssssssssssss[​IMG] I've been teaching for 5 years but I really want this job!

    Thank youXXX
  2. Hi, just seen this. How did it go?

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