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Help! Interview at PRU

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Geekgirl78, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Geekgirl78

    Geekgirl78 New commenter

    I've been shortlisted for a post at a PRU and have an interview this week.I didn't really expect this as I only have experience in mainstream (although my current school is quite challenging). What sort of thing are they likely to ask me? And what sorts of things should I be looking out for?
    Finally, they haven't asked me to teach - which I found quite surprising. Surely they won't spring a lesson on me unannouced?!
    I would LOVE to teach at this place so any pointers you might be able to give me would be much appreciated!
  2. acthell

    acthell New commenter

    Depends on the PRU - EBD? If so,
    Make sure you know your SEN Code of Practice and behaviour expectations/motivational things inside out.
    When i was interviewed one of the questions was about equality - makesure you have an answer to it!
    How would I deal with X Y in an incident that sort of thing...

    Good luck
  3. Hi
    I went from mainsteam to BESD so dont worry about that. I would expect for them to give you scenarios and how you would deal with them. At my school we ask questions to look for how you would keep your own emotional wellbeing on track after a challenging day.
    They might not have asked you to teach because of the disruption this may cause to the group or that they have different children in at differing times. They may well ask you to join a group to see how you interact with them.
    Hope this helps.

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