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Help integrating letters and sounds within the literacy lesson

Discussion in 'Primary' started by misssunshine84, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Hi there

    I started teaching Y2 at a new school back in September having taught Y5 last year for my NQT. When I was training I was told to teach letters and sounds in phases, and on TP I had a mix of Y1s and 2's for the phase I taught. On starting at my new school they were also going to phase all KS1 children with the aim of phasing(inc support for spelling) right up to Y6 at some point. However it never really happened due to staff illness and various other things which got in the way.
    At the start of December the KS1 leader who teacher FS told us to just keep it within class so between me and my TA to teach Y2 Letters and Sounds. So as a I have a group of about 8 children who are phase 3 and the rest are 5/6 I teach the 5/6s and my TA takes the 3's for 15 minutes a day and we have got into a good routine with this.I do believe it is having an impact on their writing as they are considering the letter sounds more when they write. and they have all improved massively since starting.
    However today when I spoke to our KS1 leader she said she is coming to observe my Letters and sounds and how I integrate our phonic knowledge into our writing in Literacy, after half term and I am now worried that I'm going about this all wrong. As for me Letters and sounds teaching is discrete but standalone in nature I'm not to sure how to go about mixing it with my literacy lesson. Ought I to be doing whole class letters and sounds ? but then where do i pitch it .. i dont what my 3 children to get lost . Does anyone have any advice please how do you go about teaching L&S ?
    Thanks for any replies
  2. Letters and sounds is a 20 minute discrete session every day.
    When doing any modelled or shared writing in class I incorporate as much phonic application as possible.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    My interpretation is that she wants to see how the children apply what they have been taught in their writing (spelling words using phonic knowledge).
    I wish they hadn't created those damn phases as people get so hung up on them. Yes you can teach whole class phonics pitch it to the highest and differentiate by asking children questions within their current stage ... as you should be revisiting previously taught phonemes you can cover all phases (and you might be surprised that your 3 children can cope with higher "phases") Phase 4 should begin alongside phase 2 in my opinion as it doesn't introduce anything new simply blending and segmenting longer words that children can read much earlier if given the opportunity

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