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Help, in over my head!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by marie1711, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. I'm a secondary trained NQT in German and French, and I've said I'll teach primary Spanish tomorrow. I'll have Y5 and Y1. I'm happy with what I'll do with Y5 (Animals - involving bringing in my collection of stuffed toys and use linguascope) but with Y1 I'm not sure. Can I do a pared down version of the same thing? Maybe introduce some words using the toys and have them do some drawing?
    Any ideas? I'm terrified of the younger ones. I'd be grateful for any tips.
  2. Forgot to mention that the reason I'm doing this is that I'm a supply teacher and desperate.
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Year 1s? I'd go with a nursery or finger rhyme to chant together.
    for example
    <h4><u>Pulgarcito, &iquest;d&oacute;nde est&aacute;s? (Tommy Thumb -<u>Song and Finger Rhyme)</u></u></h4>
    <h4>sung to the tune of Fr&egrave;re

    Hands behind your back

    Pulgarcito, &iquest;d&oacute;nde estas? Thumbkin,
    where are you?

    One thumb comes out, then the other
    Aqu&iacute; estoy! Aqu&iacute; estoy! Here I am! Here I

    Thumbs pretend to talk to each other

    &iquest;C&oacute;mo est&aacute; usted? Muy bien, gracias! How
    are you? Very well, thank you.

    One hand and then the other goes behind you back

    Ya me voy. Ya me voy. Now
    I'm going! Now I'm going!

    Repeat rhyme substituting Pulgarcito (thumb) for
    the following

    Se&ntilde;or &Iacute;ndice... (index
    finger Peter Pointer)

    Se&ntilde;or Medio... (middle finger Toby Tall)

    Se&ntilde;or Anular... (ring finger Ruby Ring)

    Se&ntilde;or Me&ntilde;ique... (little finger Baby Small)

    Se&ntilde;or Mano... (whole hand)
    <h3>Coyote, coyote </h3>(Adapted by Nohemi Lopez) Sing to the tune of "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear."

    Coyote, coyote toca el piso, (Touch the ground)

    Coyote, coyote da la vuelta. (Turn around)

    Coyote, coyote pega un brinco. (Jump in place)

    Coyote, coyote toca el cielo. (Reach up high)

    Coyote, coyote cierra los ojos. (Close your eyes)

    Coyote, coyote du&eacute;rmete. (Pretend to go to sleep)

  4. Trudy

    Trudy New commenter

    Hi, I do PPA in my primary school, teaching Spanish from FS-Year 6. I did animals 2 weeks ago with Year 1, we did learning the words on the carpet, then I gave them a sheet with pics of the animals we'd learnt, with their Spanish name underneath, and they had a blank sheet of paper with the title 'En la tienda de animales', so they had to draw the animals, try to label it with the Spanish, and me and the TA did lots of running around asking 'How do you say... in Spanish?'. Plenary - they might like sitting in a circle with the animals in the middle and you ask 'donde esta...' or 'quisiera... ' and a volunteer has to pick up the right one. Hope that helps!

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