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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by barotheo2009, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. barotheo2009

    barotheo2009 New commenter

    I am a supply teacher . I started 2 years ago but looking for permanent teaching job now. Over the 2 years I have been through 6 schools with good blocks of teaching appointments. My question is WHAT DO I HAVE TO FILL IN SECTIONS OF APPLICATION FORM - RRESENT OR MOST RECENT JOB, PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT.

    I have this feeling that potential employers might not want to consider people who has not been in 'permanent history'. This has been affecting my applying for a permanent job. Is there anyone who had been in my shoes? Please I need your help or suggests. Looking forward to hear from you.
  2. My advice would be 1) Don't use capitals, it can be interpreted as a raised voice and therefore rude. 2) Read through your writing to check for poor spelling and grammar. We all make mistakes, but reading lots of mistakes can be irritating. 3) I'd put the Supply agency down for the full two years and perhaps give details of the schools you've worked in and the longest time spent in one. I say this because it's the information I'd be interested in and particularly concerned if, for whatever reason, you had a few months out of work.

    Good luck with your job hunting!
  3. Sorry, meant to say, "not concerned" if you'd had the odd few weeks out of work. Another thought is a question. What makes you think it is your periods of unemployment that are stopping you from being successful?
  4. [​IMG]Hmmmm ...
    Think you can teach but can not fill in a flipping application form?
    Bet you'll be a catch

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