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help in dealing with a very difficult child

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by maireadmairead, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. maireadmairead

    maireadmairead New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I'd really appreciate some help with a child in my class.

    I have year one and he is 5 and a half. he was assessed before but they said they were unable to make a diagnosis. this year with him has been very hard.

    I'm hoping some experienced teachers will be able to give me some advice as to his condition and how to deal with him.
    i feel that he's on the spectrum somewhere but as an nqt i'm really not at all qualified to make that kind of observation

    here's some information about him:

    he had a very delayed language development, apparently he could hardly talk when he started school but after lots of one on one work in the summer that his mother arranged for him he came to school this year talking fluently and clearly and able to read. however i feel that his reading hasn't progressed at all since the beginning of the year, he learned how to sound everything out in the summer and seems to be unable to take on any new strategies for reading or cant read a work if it does not sound exactly like the phonics

    he never or extremely rarely makes eye contact. although this doesn't mean he's not listening
    he has very little concept of number. he can count but doesn't really get the order of number

    he cant seem to concentrate on anything, except drawing which he is good at. it's the only time he's quiet or not distracted in class. however if he makes a mistake, even a tiny one with his drawing he starts screaming and crying and won't finish it. he also draws the same thing over and over, for the first half of the year it was mermaids, now it is houses

    but he is really unable to concentrate on anything.
    when all the children are on the mat and we are doing oral maths, he is sitting facing the other way, not on purpose, he really doesnt realise.

    he cant really socialise properly with the other children. on yard he doesnt really play with anyone. and at playtime, he gets very distressed and screams and wails if someone has a toy he wants or something.

    he is constantly talking and singing to himself. he is constantly pulling bits of string from place and putting them in his mouth, he puts everything in his mouth that he sees.

    even one on one it is nearly impossible to get him to concentrate for more than 30 seconds

    i had great difficulty with him at the start of the year but spent the first 6 weeks really concentrating on him, trying to get him into a routine because he really needs routine and he did calm down. although he still wasn't learning as far as i could see he wasn't getting as distressed and crying and wandering around the room and distracting the class. I hadn't had any behavioural issues with him in such a long time. however our school was closed for 6 weeks there and we just started back two weeks ago. and now it's like we're back in september, he seems to have totally regressed, gets upset very easily over the slightest thing and I have to always tell him about five times times to do something.

    i really feel that he is learning nothing in my class and i'm worried about getting to the end of the year and him having learned nothing.
    we have no sna's or anything like that here. i have a ta but she's not really qualifed to deal with him and although she sits with him at group times she cant spend every minute with him either as she has other stuff to do

    i have a meeting with his mother this week and the principals want to try and get her to get a shadow teacher for him. i think she is kind of against that, or wants it as a last resort as she doesnt want him to be treated different. but he is different and the other children are starting to pick up on it more and more.

    he is very sweet and is very loving. at the start of the year i thought we'd never get on but now i'm so fond of him and am just worried about his progress and feel it's just gonna get worse as he gets older.

    I'm sorry if this post sounds a bit like waffling and is unclear. I'm not sure if i'm explaining it well.

    If anyone has any advice or suggestions I would be extremely grateful.


  2. I found post 2 in this thread very helpful - for a slightly older child but some ideas could be adapted, perhaps?
    Incidentally, I'm not sure how useful it would be to pursue a diagnosis, unless there is extra support availaible, as the child's learning needs have to be met, regardless of diagnosis.
  3. maireadmairead

    maireadmairead New commenter

    thanks for the replies

    I'm in a private school in cairo, british curriculum but we don't have senco or anything like that.
    any diagnoses or professional help will have to be done privately at parents' expense. they had him assessed before but result inconclusive, said they weren't able to make a diagnosis. maybe because he was so young? he would have been 4/4 and a half at the time
    thanks again
  4. I will send you some details of how to adjust your classroom to support learning for children with SEN. Try them out and see what benefit they have for you and your class.
  5. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

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