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Help in becoming an Arts Technician

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Lottes, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Lottes

    Lottes New commenter

    It sounds like you would be a real catch with all those qualifications! - you wouldn't need any further training as such (kilns/ specialist materials would depend on the school/ college you worked at.) We have a part time technician (3 mornings a week) at a Secondary school, but think funding for such posts is becoming increasingly limited.
    You may have more luck looking for Design Technology technician posts? They are not usually advertised in TES, more local papers and some websites.
  2. I'm not going to give up , going to keep persevering.. I have had past students recommend me to other organisations to teach jewellery but need to find my technician job so I have evenings free to be able to teach and start making again.. Thank you for your responses :)
  3. Still not having any luck at the moment... [​IMG] even the agencies have not got back to me! If anyone else has succeeded in getting a position like this would love for you to get in touch thanks.. Crimson82
  4. Thanks lottes... been getting emails through regularly on those sites and others for art technicians and d&t technicians.. Nothing has come through until recently and applied to every one.. Fingers crossed for the interviews.. :) Thanks for your support to those who have message me back.. much appreciated.. Crimson82
  5. Still no luck as of yet with getting an interview to the vancacies I have applied for.. but still looking!! [​IMG]
  6. Hi, have you found anything yet, we recently replaced our Art technician (at a nice independent) and I filled a six month gap where we didn't have one. You are overqualified to be honest, a BA makes you appear expensive and a school will want a per meant technician many will think you will use the post as a stepping stone into teaching and be gone in a few years. If your goal is to get into teaching then perhaps you should aim for that rather than a technicians post beforehand, you sound perfectly well qualified and experienced enough to enter one of the teacher training routes available. I would not leave it too long as you may find it difficult as an NQT if you are a bit older and therefore more expensive. I hope you find the post you are looking for and if not we will certainly give you an interview but we are unlikely to have a post for at least four years.
  7. I am in a similar boat. I am looking for a post as an art technician as an alternative career to the one I am trained in. I am not sure why I am not making any progress. Over qualified or underqualified as I have a BA in Design History, a PGCE in history, worked as a TEFL teacher for 15 years, worked on summer camps where I taught Art and was responsible for the costs of materials used and now I am a Chinese brush painting artist.There don't seem to be many posts and I would seriously consider offering adult education courses as this is what I have started doing. I know it doesn't pay that much but it is a step in the door. Good luck and all the best

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